GVN Review: Starz ‘Outlander’ Season 6 Episode 4: ‘Hour of the Wolf’

Last time on Outlander

When we last left Outlander, things with Fergus had gone from bad to worse. Due to the fears of their parents, some local children had attempted to test his newest baby for demonic traits by seeing if it would float. Fortunately for the child, they had left him in his basket, so he indeed DID float. But not due to any traits of Satan. Luckily Roger had been there to scoop the child up before the basket went over the waterfall. He immediately baptized the baby with the name of Henri-Christian, warning the boys what might happen if they tried ever again to harm the child. Between this and his guilt, Fergus attempted to commit suicide. Jamie stopped him and expressed how much his family needed him. Crisis averted…for now.

In addition, Tom Christie agreed to have Claire surgically fix his hand but without the use of her Ether. He relied on prayer, the good book, and some swallows of whiskey. Which basically meant it hurt like a mother… ALOT! But it did give him back his ability to beat his daughter for her sins. So, there was that. Finally, the crown had agreed to supply the Cherokee with the weapons they had requested. Just in time as the Boston Tea Party had arrived and the King wanted the Cherokee on his side. The question would be, would that put them on opposite sides with Jamie?

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Hour of the Wolf

It had been revealed earlier in the season that Ian and his Mohawk wife had a baby at some point. But nothing else had been explained, other than whatever had transpired had made Ian a very melancholy Mohawk when he had returned to Jamie and Claire. At long last, we get to see exactly what had happened to Ian with the Mohawk. Starting with how he and the Mohawk had connected.

He had been embraced by the tribe. So much so that they had put him through an elaborate ceremony. One that involved cutting (more like pulling out by the root) his hair and giving him his facial marks. Followed by a scrubbing of his skin with sand (figuratively washing away his white blood) and he became a member of the Mohawk. His Mohawk name was Okwaho’ Rohtsi’ Ah’ which translates to “Wolf’s Brother.” Since Ian’s constant companion was his wolf, that made sense. Especially since “Dances with Wolves” was taken (Darn that Kevin Costner guy!) And now, he could find a wife.

A Chance to Heal

Back in the present, Jamie is preparing to bring the Cherokee their promised weapons. In the meantime, he also is sending Fergus on a sales trip. Fergus realizes that Jamie is attempting to give him something to do to take his mind off his troubles. With the goal of healing. Jamie doesn’t deny this, but he knows that Fergus will do a good job for the family. Fergus thanks Jamie for the opportunity, reminding Jamie that he had saved his life on multiple occasions. Jamie told him that he was just balancing the scales, as Fergus had helped him as well.

The Trail of Tears

Later on, Jamie, Brie, Roger and Major McDonald were taking practice shots with the weapons being offered to the Cherokee. The Major told Jamie to express to the Chief that while not new, these guns were of a fine quality. He also wanted Jamie to make it clear that the King wanted an oath of loyalty from the Chief. A promise that if the need should arise, the Cherokee would support the Crown. As Jamie listened to this, which was not unexpected, Brie walked away, apparently troubled. Jamie went to her and asked her what was wrong. She tells him of what the Cherokee’s fate will be. In 60 years, they will be forced to move from their land. Traveling 1,000 miles away, over 8000 of the tribe will die along the way. It will be called the “Trail of Tears.” She felt that Jamie needed to know.

Ian and the Mohawk

The next day, Jamie and Ian left with the weapons to bring to the Cherokee. As they arrived and removed their weapons, Ian noticed three horses tied up. These were not Cherokee but Mohawk. As he looked, a Mohawk Indian named Kaheroton walked up, greeting him with his Mohawk name. He used to be Ian’s friend. “Used” to be being the operative word for Ian as he looked upon him. Later that night as Jamie and Ian sat in a tent, he told Jamie his story of what had happened. After he had been made a member of the tribe, there was a young woman there that Ian had grown fond of. Since he was just learning the Mohawk language, he couldn’t properly pronounce her name, Wahionhaweh. So, he called her Emily. She found humor in this. Later, she made him a small Wolf’s head made of stone. It represented her clan. The Wolf’s clan.

Loss of their Daughter

Ian was becoming one with the tribe. Kaheroton, the young Mohawk he had seen earlier, was like his brother. They hunted together. Talked about relationships. It was Kaheroton who explained to him that Mohawk men didn’t choose their mates. The women did the choosing, pointing toward the wolf’s head Ian had hanging around his neck. Emily had chosen him. In time, they were married, and they did as married people do. Maybe not as much as Jamie and Claire…but that’s a high standard to meet. Soon, she was pregnant with their first child. Ian was very happy. But it was not to be. She lost the baby, a girl in childbirth. While both of them were saddened by this, they did not give up. In time she was pregnant again, but this time had a miscarriage earlier in the pregnancy.

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Missing Spirit

The tribe (I am assuming the tribe made this decision, because his wife didn’t seem completely on board) decided that the problem was Ian’s. His Mohawk spirit wasn’t strong enough for his wife to conceive. Thus, he was told to return to his people.  The dagger though was when he was told that Wahionhaweh (his wife) agreed. That and he found his “best friend” Kaheroton with her. After she told him to leave, he obeyed the command. Which explains why he was so maudlin when he returned to Fraser’s Ridge. Seeing Kaheroton again just brought back the misery, and the regret. He asked Jamie if he thought he fought hard enough for her. From what he has been told, Jamie assured him he did all he could. Short of taking her by force. He felt for his nephew and understood his reluctance to take part in the presentation of the guns to the Chief. They would wait until morning.

Alexander Cameron

The next day, Jamie meets another Indian Agent. Fellow Scott Alexander Cameron. He had heard many great things about Jamie and had wanted to meet him. He had also heard about the guns that Jamie had brought for Chief Bird. As well as the whiskey he was “rumored” to have brought along as well. Jamie confirmed both but not the 100 guns that Cameron had thought. He did offer the Scott a “wee dram” of his whiskey. After about 12 “wee drams,” Cameron then explained why he had come to Chief Bird. He had purchased some land in Tennessee from the Overhill Cherokee tribe he was the agent for. Jamie reminded him that settling that far west was against the treaty the King had signed with the Indians. Cameron felt that if the Indians decided to sell him the land, it should be okay. He had come to see if Chief Bird would like to sell some as well. Of course, the Mohawk being there might be a problem and Jamie wanted nothing to do with such land deals.

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Ether Practice

Back at Fraser’s Ridge, Claire is giving Malva an opportunity to practice using the Ether Mask. In this case, on two somewhat reluctant volunteers in Lizzy and Josiah. After Claire explains what she is going to do, Josiah tells Lizzy that he will go first. Just in case something goes wrong. Malva comments on his bravery. Lizzy, looking like she wants to waylay Malva, tells Josiah that she appreciates his concern for her, but SHE will go first. She is not afraid. Malva places the Ether mask on Lizzy and in three seconds she is asleep. Claire takes a scalpel and nicks Lizzy’s finger to show that she feels no pain. Until she wakes up I’d wager. Then she will want to know WHO cut her finger? I’d blame Malva is I were Claire. But Lizzy has no complaints and instead wonders when the procedure will begin. Puzzling at the laughs she is getting.

The Devil’s Work

Next it is Josiah’s turn. He goes under just as quickly. Lizzy wonders where the soul goes when put to sleep. Claire assures her it doesn’t go anywhere. He’s asleep, not dead. They remove the mask and Josiah begins to regain consciousness. Malva remarks that its like bringing someone back from the dead. No wonder her father fears it’s Satan’s work. Only God can or should bring people back. Claire suggests that if Tom feels that way, it is best if Malva doesn’t tell him about their training session. She agrees. Not wanting her father to forbid her to come to Claire’s Surgery. As for Josiah, he too asked when they were going to put him asleep. Bringing another chorus of laughter from the group.

Confronting the Mohawk

Jamie presents the rifles to Chief Bird. He is pleased about the guns but knows that they didn’t come without a price. Jamie acknowledges this saying the King wants a promise of loyalty from the Cherokee. Chief Bird expected this but put aside such talk for now. As this was a moment to celebrate. While this conversation is going on, Ian approaches one of the Mohawk. The Mohawk asks where Ian’s “Wolf Brother” (Rollo) is. Ian explains that his wolf had not abandoned him (like others). He was left at home. The Mohawk also tells Ian that not all the Mohawk wanted him to leave. Considering this, he asks him if Kaheroton and Wahionhaweh had a child. He confirmed that they have a son. He brings them much joy and has just started to walk. This proved too much for Ian as he approached Kaheroton.

A Challenge

Placing a knife against Kaheroton’s neck, he accused him of stealing his wife. Turning her against him. He knew how much Ian loved her.  But he wanted that happiness for himself. Soon a brawl commenced with the two fighting fairly evenly when Jamie and Alexander Cameron intervened. Cameron pressed a knife to his throat and then pushed Kaheroton down, insulting him. Telling him and the Mohawk to leave. (Pretty sure that was self-serving advice there). Kaheroton felt his honor had been insulted and pulled out his war club. Cameron told him to put the club down and he would face him “his way.” Using pistols in a duel. The angry young Mohawk agreed to this. Jamie tried to talk Cameron out of the duel, saying he thought Cameron was better than that. But the challenge had been accepted. He would carry it through.


As the parties prepared for their duel, Ian sat by the stream pondering the fairness of it all. God had granted Kaheroton and Wahionhaweh with a son, while his little girl had died. Jamie joined him and Ian asked him if he thought God was punishing him by bringing Kaheroton there to remind him. His little girl had died without being baptized. She had been given no name. Neither Mohawk nor Christian. But in his mind, her name was Iseaball. He could not bear to think of her lost and alone. Jamie told him that he too had lost a little girl. Faith was her name and he never got to hold his little girl either. He suggested that they pray together. That Faith and Iseaball will find each other in heaven and they will not be alone.

A Request and a Secret

Later, Ian takes a pistol to Kaheroton. It belongs to Jamie and he wanted him to use it. His former friend was a bit taken aback that Ian would do this for him. Ian explained that he wanted him to have a fair chance in the upcoming duel. Kaheroton took the pistol and gave Ian his war club. He then asked him to go to Wahionhaweh if he should die. He wanted Ian to take care of her and his son…if he did not make it, handing him the wrist band that showed his joining with her. Ian accepted the band but didn’t answer as he walked away.

Meanwhile, Chief Bird told Jamie that he would fight with him…for the King. Jamie acknowledged this but told him he had something else to tell him. The Chief motioned him to private place to talk. Jamie told him about what was coming for the Cherokee. He explained it as if it were a vision that both Claire and Brie had. The Chief seemed to accept this as women with the gift of such visions was not unknown to him. At first, he thought that it was good that Jamie had brought him the guns. But Jamie warned him that 20 guns would be no match for 20,000. He suggested that let his decedents know. When the time came, they could go into hiding instead of making that journey. He told Jamie he would keep it secret. A story passed on only to his sons and their sons that follow him. He then pondered for a moment and asked Jamie if he paid a lot for his wife. Jamie smiled and told him almost everything he owned…and it was worth it.

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The Duel

The time for the duel between Cameron and Kaheroton had arrived. While Jamie was reluctant, he stood as mediator for the challenge. He asked if there was no way for a compromise to be reached before they continued. Both refused. So he commanded them to take the required steps and wait for his command to fire. After they both stepped off, Cameron spun without waiting for Jamie’s command, intending to shoot Kaheroton in the back. Ian quickly pulled out his tomahawk and threw it at Cameron’s hand, knocking his gun away and the shot awry. Ian explained that he interfered because Cameron had turned early.

Jamie then gave Kaheroton the opportunity to fire at will. He approached Cameron with his pistol while Cameron begged for mercy. Kaheroton instead fired into the air, saying that Cameron had proven himself a coward. He would let him live with that shame. He gave the pistol back to Jamie as walked on. Ian called out to him. He looked into Kaheroton’s eyes for a moment and then offered him back his band. He told him that God had chosen HIM to be with Wahionhaweh. Kaheroton accepted it in acknowledgement as Ian turned and walked away. Later, Ian was at the stream and took the stone wolf’s head from around his neck. Looking at it briefly before letting it tumble into the stream. Perhaps finding peace with the situation and ready to move on with his life. Ian expressed as much to Jamie. He was a Mohawk and a Scott. He would learn to accept to be both.


Back at Fraser’s Ridge, Claire and Malva are in Claire’s Surgery. Malva looking through Claire’s microscope while Claire is writing notes in her journal. Malva keeps peeking over at Clair and her book. Seeing her interest, Claire offers her the opportunity to look at it. Inside are recipes for medicines and drawings of past cases Claire had worked on. Malva told her that her brother had feared that Claire had kept spells in the book and for Malva not to touch it. Father like son it appears. Malva didn’t see any spells, but she did find it enchanting. Just then they heard the sound of the wagon approaching. Jamie had returned from the Cherokee. Claire asked Malva to clean up while she went to the stable where Jamie was putting away the wagon.


Claire entered kissing Jamie and asking him how the trip had gone. He was home a day later than she had expected. He told her about the Mohawk and how Ian had told him everything that had happened when he was with them. But Jamie said he was too tired to explain further, right then. He also told her that Ian had accepted his dual life. But Jamie found that he could not. He could not be both a loyalist and a rebel. With that in mind, he would write a letter resigning as Indian Agent. Claire accepted this but had other things in mind. Don’t they always. She reminded him how passionate he had been when he last returned from the Cherokee. That was probably after the two Cherokee women had accosted him in his tent. Regardless, they started to disrobe as Malva was on her tiptoes, watching them through the window. Stalker…


Finally, we got to see what had happened to poor Ian and why he had returned from the Mohawk. No wonder the lad was so depressed. It was really a shame too as he and Wahionhaweh seemed to be so much in love. It hardly seems fair to assume a problem with the miscarriages were somehow Ian’s fault. Unfortunately, these things happen. Who was to say that the third time wouldn’t have been the charm? Ian was obviously ready to try again. The fact that it was his best friend Kaheroton that ended up with her was also a major kick in the teeth. Although, one wonders why the Chief didn’t tell Ian he was being sent away? He was the one that had overseen the ceremony that made Ian a Mohawk. That might have been more easily accepted. This whole segment was beautifully done and finally puts to rest Ian’s story and what had happened. Not to mention that it gave John Bell as Ian a chance to shine. He took full advantage of it with a great performance. Now, they can move on to hopefully bigger and better stories for him.

Trying to Change the Future

Not sure what Jamie hoped to accomplish by telling Chief Bird about the “Trail of Tears.” Hadn’t he and Claire learned that it is extremely difficult to change what must be. They tried with the Battle of Culloden and that didn’t work out. Although, one can’t find fault in their willingness to try. Jamie was fortunate that he told his tale to a man who thought nothing of women with visions of the future. Anyone else would have questioned his sanity or thought his wife and daughter a Witch. Lot of that going on…ask the Christie’s and their group. I guess time will tell if his warning bears any fruit.

Leave Your Weapons at the Gate

Quick question about the duel. I thought that Jamie and Ian had been forced to leave their weapons on the wagon or turn them in when arriving at the Cherokee village. If so, how did Ian have his tomahawk to knock Cameron’s gun away? Was there a clause that said that during accepted duels, the no weapons thing was waived? It obviously didn’t apply to the Mohawk as Kaheroton still had his war club and Cameron apparently still had a knife. As a matter of fact, Ian had his knife when he confronted Kaheroton. Doesn’t anyone but Jamie follow the rules around here? Just saying.  Regardless, now that we know Ian’s history, he can go onto other things. I might have thought a relationship with Malva might have been a possibility but she’s too busy spying on Claire. To what end, I’m not sure. But it looks like it could be a problem later on. We shall see.

Outlander can be found on Starz with new episodes release on Sunday Nights at 9:00pm EST. If you are new to the show, you can watch the first four seasons on Netflix.

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