I am back with my Five-Pack Friday Picks. What are they, you ask? They are going to be my weekly picks in which I think are going to win, and I will be picking four teams that I am confident that will either win or cover the spread, and I will be adding an Upset pick. 

I want to kick this off and say that the Rams should have won, which would have made me 4-2 this week.

2020 Record: 8-9

Week 4 Five Pack 

Falcons +7 vs. the Packers

I do believe that the Packers will win this game, but as much as we like to pick on the Falcons, that team isn’t as bad as they seem. I think this will be a close game on Monday night, and I like the Packers to win outright with a late FG.

Vikings +145 & +3.5 vs. Texans

Both of these teams are struggling, and I am not sure the season will get much better for either team. This week could be a battle of which team sinks further down the rabbit hole, and I’ve got faith in the Vikings to win this game, and cover the spread. 

Eagles +6.5 vs. 49ers

Eagles aren’t playing good football right now and it’s strange to watch them struggle against bad teams. The o-line is struggling, the wide receivers are struggling, and Wentz hasn’t looked good because of it.

Eneba Many GEOs

I went back and forth on who I think will win but for me, however, this game plays out, the Eagles will cover that spread.

Upset of the Week

Raiders +3 & +128 vs. Bills

I like the Raiders. I think the team plays hard for Gruden, and even though they played terrible against New England, I look for a bounce-back week from them. 

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