Bob’s Bad Day

There are some days that it might have been better if they didn’t happen. Such was this day in the life of our friend Bob. It wasn’t like the day didn’t start with promise. In fact, it had all the earmarks of a day long to be remembered. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell everyone else.  It started with him getting ready to pop the question to his live-in girlfriend Kendall. They had been together for three years. it seemed like the next logical step. Except she didn’t agree. To her way of thinking, Bob was under-achieving. And she couldn’t tie herself to him until he became a better…Bob. Ouch!

If that seems bad, then you probably need to check out AWA Studios/Upshot Studios presentation of Knighted coming November 3rd. As written by Gregg Hurwitz (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Vengeance of Moon Knight, Punisher) and drawn by Mark Texeira (Ghost Rider, Wolverine) Knighted explores what happens when a man who you would never see as a hero has to become one. That’s what happens when you accidentally kill off the previous hero. (Think the Santa Clause but instead of having to deliver presents,  Bob will be a bad ass delivering justice). At least that’s the plan. Fortunately for Bob, he will have his new butler Ash to guide him. At least once he gets over the original Knight’s apparent demise. Ok…he’s over it.

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Writer Gregg Hurwitz

This story has lived in the back of my brain for over a decade now but I couldn’t find the outlet for it before AWA. I loved the idea of someone accidentally killing the primary superhero of a city — and then having to fill those shoes. A number of questions circled me as I first set pen to paper. What if the original superhero — effective as he may have been — was an asshole? And then his replacement protagonist was pure of heart but much too meek for his own good? What would he have to learn about himself, his hidden reserves of power, were he to assume the role? And what parts of him might be liberated when he puts on that mask?


I was inspired by classic Lee-Ditko Spiderman, the two years I spent writing Batman for DC, and Millar-Romita Jr’s Kick-Ass. Getting the right blend of humor and action, irreverence and suspense was important to me. Most of all, I wanted it to be playful.

Why AWA Studio?

My relationship with Axel Alonso goes back to my start in comics. I trust his judgement, character, and talent implicitly. When he called to tell me he was getting his teeth into a new creative venture, my only question was: When do we start?

AWA Studio’s Knighted by Greg Hurwitz, Mark Texeira, and colorist Brian Reber releases on November 3rd with two different Variant covers available.

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