When it comes to interviews, I love to talk to so many great creators. Whether it is for one of my favorites or perhaps something new to experience. In the case of Neil Gibson, it could be considered both. Neil is the creator of the very popular Twisted Dark series and now he is working with Conor McCreery and artist Veronica Saraceno on their new book Trickster. This whimsical and sometime dark story centers on a Leprechaun named Rory and his unusual friends of Celtic Lore. It has just recently started its Zoop campaign so I was fortunate to get an opportunity to talk to Neil about his career, working as a writer and an editor, their new book Trickster, working with Zoop and more. So let’s welcome Neil Gibson to GVN’s Talking Comics Interview.

Neil’s Start

GVN: Thanks for giving some of your time, Neil.

NG: Thanks for having me.

GVN: So, let’s start with a little bit of background for those of our followers who don’t know of your career. I was surprised to learn in my research for our interview that you didn’t start out “wanting” to write comics. You had a love and respect of the media, however. What made you decide to take the plunge into writing with Twisted Dark?

NG: Boredom really! I LOVE comics but never wanted to write. I was stuck on a project in Qatar and my friends and family were back in the UK. Rather than just watch TV in the hotel room at night I thought I would try writing. And to my surprise, people liked what I did and I’m still making comics a decade later.


GVN: Once you had created Twisted Dark, you decide to publish it yourself under your own publishing house T-Pub. What were the advantages of doing that and how much research did you put into it before you pulled the trigger on the publishing endeavor?

NG: Good question. Well I was made an offer by a publisher but I didn’t like the terms. In reality, and knowing what I know now, the terms weren’t that bad, but back then it didn’t seem appealing so I thought I would try it on my own. I don’t think there was that much information out at the time, but certainly bloggers now explain the realities of comic publishing. The advantage of publishing it yourself, is really the control you have. You can create what you want. The disadvantage it the extra work required in distribution and marketing. SO much more work to be honest! I really didn’t do enough research – I just dove in!

Writing and Editing

GVN: As Writer and Editor for T-Pub, what perspectives do the two different “job titles” bring to each other? Did being an Editor help you in your writing efforts with seeing through an editor’s eyes, and did being a writer, help you see things more from a writer’s point of view as an Editor? (if THAT makes any sense)

NG: Well I learnt them both at the same time. I don’t think doing either role necessarily helped the other, but I do have to stop being a writer when I am editing because I have a tendency to ‘fix’ the script when that is a writers job! An editor is just meant to help. Honestly I think everyone needs a good editor. Some will just do copy edits, but the good editors make your story much better by asking questions – why would that character do that? Why did you choose to have this in? Can you explain to me why this makes sense? THEN the writer should solve it.


GVN: You are getting ready to launch a new book through T-Pub called Trickster along with Co-Creator and writer Conor McCreery on the Zoop fund raising platform. How did that collaboration come about and what was the inspiration for Trickster?

NG: Conor was at the booth next to me at my first New York Comic Con. He’s a great person and hilarious and when I saw him later in Toronto for Fan Expo, I mentioned this idea I had for a 6 foot Leprechaun living in Boston. Conor loved the idea and we fleshed out the setting, characters and plot. Even though we wrote a ton of stories, for various reasons it was delayed until now.

GVN: You are working with artist Veronica Saraceno on Trickster. Had you worked with Veronica before? What did you see in her work that appealed to you for the book? Her work is so whimsical in nature, but she can transition to darker material (as evidence shows).

NG: I hadn’t worked with her before but I saw her art and was impressed. Honestly she did an amazing job on this!

Working with Zoop

GVN: As I mentioned previously, you are working with Zoop (who has come out guns a blazing with successful campaigns) for your crowd funding partner. What did you and Conor see in Zoop that inspired you to go that direction?

NG: Honestly, it was the passion of Jordan and Eric. They have a great vision and if it pans out how they see it, ZOOP will be a force in the comic book world.

Social Media Challenged

GVN: Thanks for your time, Neil. Before I let you go, do you have any other projects besides Trickster you would like our followers to know about? Also, where can fan’s follow you on social media and on the web?

NG: To be honest I am rubbish at social media – I hardly ever go on it. But if anyone wants to read free samples of my comics, you can read a bunch at TPubComics.com. There are a few genres there and I hope people like them!

Neil, Conor and Veronica’s Trickster can now be found on the Zoop crowd funding platform. Just go to https://zoop.gg/c/trickster and check out the book and all the goodies that the Trickster team is offering. Also be on the lookout for our interview with the Neil’s partner in Celtic lore, Conor McCreery. Coming soon to Geek Vibes Nation.

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