Dead Legends II

You will notice this title has a II behind it. Of course that means that before there was a Dead Legends II, there was a Dead Legends…or Dead Legends I, if we want to keep the whole roman numeral thing. If you are a fan of classic martial arts films, and you haven’t read A Wave Blue World’s Dead Legends, Vol. 1, then you should. It is chock full of all the best elements of the genre. Tournaments, Revenge, Brutality, Fatalities, and two of the most bad ass women characters you will see: Yan and the Red Death. Just screams bad “assedness” doesn’t it?  Is that a word? It is now. Needless to say it was received well enough that Volume II was inevitable.

So coming August 11th, we once again follow the saga of Dead Legends II, as described in the following press release:

August 9, 2021 (Louisville, KY)— Published by A Wave Blue World, the DEAD LEGENDS saga unleashes a new fury of fists and feet with DEAD LEGENDS II #1 on August 11th, escalating the action established in the preceding 5-issue miniseries. Writer James Maddox reunites with artist Gavin Smith, letterer Ryan Ferrier, and color assistant Milena Deneno for a new descent into epic storytelling that embraces the legacy of Kung Fu and Wuxia cinema history.

Writer James Maddox

This comic is ultimately a challenge in balancing emotional storytelling with the action of classic martial arts movies and Kung Fu comics. The resulting approach offers relentless action that punctuates a story of loss, perseverance, and found families.


The continuing story follows the trials of Yan, a young woman trained by her grandfather, Jee Sin—one of the most deadly and experienced martial arts experts in existence. After winning the last Dead Legends tournament and taking lethal revenge on her husband’s killer, Yan flees the competition’s self-destructive overseer and his army of merciless followers. Luckily, she has friends like Red Death and Stalk to aid her and the child. But new adversaries, including the unhinged Tigress, will resort to sinister tactics that Yan and her fellow refugees couldn’t fathom.

The resulting comic should resonate with fans of iconic cinematic martial arts film, including Riki-O: The Story of RikiOng-Bak: The Thai WarriorBloodsportThe Raid: RedemptionKill Bill, and the seminal oeuvre of Bruce Lee.

Artist Gavin Smith

“This second outing allows me to dive deeper into both the technical roots of martial arts, as well as its more fantastic extrapolations,” artist Gavin Smith—who holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do—elaborates. “I can’t wait to show off the intricate web of issue four and some of Red Death’s most savage fight scenes. James and I were able to amplify the sheer chaos and brutality of the first volume.”

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Look for A Wave Blue World’s Dead Legends II on August 11th where all great comics are sold. In addition, you can listen to our conversation with James Maddox and Gavin Smith as we talked all about Vol. 1 and the upcoming Vol. 2 here.

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