GVN Talking Comic’s Preview – Titan Comics: Hard Case Crime, ‘Gun Honey’ Issue 1 by Charles Ardai and Ang Hor Kheng

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Gun Honey

When it comes to the underworld, nothing says cool like the mysterious assassin. The way they sneak into impenetrable, high security compounds and dispense their unique brands of justice. But just how is it that these stealth ninja’s get their high tech weaponry to execute their plans…so to speak. Especially in places and situations that have been designed to prevent the introduction of weapons. Well in the case of Titan Comics latest title, Gun Honey, we find out.

In this stylish and dare we say sexy book, we meet Joanna Tan. Joanna has a reputation of being able to supply a gun where and when a customer needs it. No matter how seemingly impossible the job appears. Her skill set has earned her the nickname of Gun Honey. Which is not necessarily a title she covets, but it is descriptive of what she does. She is a gun smuggler and she is the very best at it. Which is getting her noticed…by a number of people.

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It Beats Government Work

One of those whose attention she had attracted was the government. So they “invited” her in for a visit. At first, she thought this was about one of her past assignments. But instead, they had an offer for her. They could use a person with her unique skill set. It was their intention to hire her as an independent contractor. Joanna however, didn’t want to get into bed with the government. She was not cheap, and she was certainly not easy! However, because of her talents, the government was willing to wait. They would give her time to consider their offer.  It was possible she might change her mind.

Best Laid Plans

While they twiddled their thumbs waiting, Joanna still had contracts to fulfil. Her next one was Buddy Ugras. Buddy had apparently made a large number of people want him dead. This wasn’t a surprise to Joanna. She had read his dossier. Of course, it would not be her that takes him out. That is not her gig. It is her responsibility to provide the nail for the hammer. After that, it is someone else’s problem. What IS her problem is that she had let herself get distracted and had been detected. Its not like it hasn’t happened before…but not very often. Fortunately for her, she knows of where she can find a gun. At least, she thought so. But it appears that the aforementioned Buddy Ugras had found her secret hiding place…and knows who she is.


I have not made it a secret that I am a HUGE fan of stories that depict strong, competent, bad ass women. Charles Ardai and artist Ang Hor Kheng have brought a character that reflects that in spades. Ardai has created a character that is part Q and part James Bond. Like Q, she supplies the equipment for the job, but she doesn’t use them. She instead, introduces clients to weapons designed to do the job they require and uses her stealth and espionage skills to make it accessible to them. Usually, with no one the wiser. Although, this is apparently getting harder these days. Reputations will do that to you.

I look forward to a deeper dive into this character to learn more about what makes her tick. Issue one has laid the groundwork just enough to whet the appetite for those who like me, can’t get enough of strong, capable and mysterious women. But I said that already. But let’s be honest here. As intriguing as the story is and the thesis behind her, it was no doubt the covers and the artwork that might have drawn you in initially. When it comes to the old adage of judging a book by its cover, comics tend to be the outlier. A good cover will draw you in before the story ever does. In this case, Titan Comics have put out a number of variant covers that do the job. By artists like Bill Sienkiewicz, Robert McGinnis, Andrea Camerini, Adam Hughes and interior artist Ang Hor Kheng, who also kills it inside this book. Be sure to check this one out.

Titan Comics Hard Case Crime, Gun Honey, Issue 1 drops on September 22nd.

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