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So after the first issue of Ahoy’s Black’s Myth what have we learned? Werewolves don’t necessarily need to wait until full moons to change. Silver bullets are still problematic to the species.  If you are going to constantly find trouble, its not a bad thing to have a Grim and a Djinn (her assistant and best friend Ben) by your side. Even if he’s only a half-Djinn. We also learned that the bullet that found its way into Janie Jones Mercardo, Private Detective and Werewolf, also known as “Strummer” might have been one of 30, cast from the silver that was paid to Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus. Now that’s not something you hear everyday. But such is life in Eric Palicki’s and Wendell Cavalcanti’s Black’s Myth. And that was only the first issue!

Breaking the Rule

As the story continues, “Strummer” usually makes it a point not to get involved with a client. As you might imagine, it leads to complications and enough conflicts of interest to never be a good idea. Unfortunately, she seemed to forget this small detail after her client Carly Barnhardt came to see her. Originally about the evidence they had gathered about her philandering husband. Well actually, her assistant Ben gathered the evidence. Since “Strummer” was recuperating from her silver bullet incursion.

Regardless, that visit appeared to be an extensive one that lasted all night. Much to the chagrin of Miss Barnhardt when she realized where she was and remembered what had transpired. And although she tried to sneak out, Ben caught her leaving the apartment, only then realizing who she was. Carly offered her apologies and asked Ben to tell “Strummer” that she was sorry for sneaking out, but she had her phone number. Besides, trying to claim infidelity on her husband wouldn’t look good if she too was found guilty of the same thing. She was sure Janie would understand.

Missing Bullets

She was right, Janie DID understand. What she wasn’t really happy about was that Ben had found out about it. However, they had more important things to consider. Before Miss Barnhardt had made her appearance, Rainsford Black had come by asking Strummer and Ben to take on the case of the missing 30 silver bullets. He had showed them a picture of the pistol they had went with them and 28 bullets. The remaining two were absent from their holding cavity. What had transpired with the missing two? Could one of them been the one that Strummer dug out of her side? If not, was there still a connection? They had pretty much decided not to take Black’s case. But since the shooting, Strummer was understandably curious. They needed to ask Black some more questions. Regardless if they were taking the case or not. They WERE Detectives after all.

The Black Estate

This is where the rubber meets the road. The storyline accelerates like a bat out of hell with several revelations that are going to blow readers minds. I know it did mine. I sincerely suggest if you haven’t read Issue 2 of Black’s Myth, you jump right on it. It truly sets the stage for what is already proving to be an exciting journey and a better understanding of what “Black’s Myth’ is.

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The initial concept for this book was exciting from the get go. A female werewolf detective? A Djinn Assistant? That alone was enough to garner my attention. However, by the second issue, Palicki has upped the stakes and mixed in various pieces of Mythology that only enhances the story. A story that was intriguing enough from the start has escalated into must read material. I also like the mixing in of some physical humor. Low doorways will get tall folk every time. I’m looking forward to see where we go from here.


Wendall Calvalcanti has a firm grasp on me now with his solid visual story telling in stark black and white. It mixes brilliantly with the Palicki’s imaginative storyline and pays a silent homage to the classic black and white tales of the past from Warren and EC. Nice work all around.

As per usual with Ahoy’s offerings,  you will also find some well written prose. Be sure to check that out as well. Ahoy Comic’s Black’s Myth Issue 2 is released on August 11 where all great comics are sold.

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