If This House Could Speak

Who knows more about a family history more than the family home?  It sees every event. Every heartache, joy, sorrow, and perhaps, misdeed. Plus, it is sworn to secrecy. No one will know of what goes on inside the family hearth. At least not from the home. But if only those walls could talk? What narratives could it tell? Such is the fascinating story told in TKO’s Graveneye by Sloane Leong and Anna Bowles. In this macabre yet addictive tale, Leong and Bowles tell the story of Isla and Marie. Isla is the matron of a dark foreboding home with a darker secret. She is a hunter in the most wolf-like sense. Killing to satiate her hunger and dare we say, her art. Marie has been hired to clean the house. She is a timid, bookish young girl whose face and body betray her own secrets. Except her narrative is readily evident. Someone is abusing the girl, almost every day. She attempts to hide the evidence but does so poorly.

Isla and Marie

During the day, her life is spent taking care of Isla’s home and watching Isla when the chance arises. Not that Isla pays that much attention to her. She has her own concerns and hobbies. As such, Isla gives Marie free reign of her home. Except the cellar. That room is off limits. So, Marie tends to the home and when not working diligently on her tasks, she is reading her books and enjoying the solitude. At least until she must go home and once again face her other life and her abusive husband. With that to look forward to every night, it is no wonder that she soon begins to obsess on Isla and what she might be doing. What IS going on with Isla? The mystery calls to Marie and consumes her. But will she like what she finds? Does Isla find Marie’s attention intriguing? What will happen once Isla share with Marie her passions? That is what will be revealed when you read TKO’s Graveneye by Sloane Leong and Anna Bowles.


Graveneye is an intense story in the spirit of Warren’s Eerie or Creepy Magazine. Anna Bowles brings Sloane Leong’s narrative to life in dramatic black and white with only traces of one other color. Blood Red. This is an effective and appropriate choice for the story, and it really pops. What also works is the unusual relationship between Isla and Marie. As disturbing as it ends up, but I leave that for your discernment.

What is probably most unique about Graveneye is Leong’s imaginative use of the house itself supplying the narrative. At first, it is not clear who is speaking but as the realization dawns, it is quite ingenious. As mentioned in my beginning, who better to tell a historical fable about the goings on in a home than the one who was present for all of it. Leong uses this device with great effectiveness, and it makes for an addictive story that you will want to read through until its conclusion. TKO’s Graveneye by Sloane Leong and Anna Bowles is available where all great books are sold.

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