Girls that Kick Butt Rock!

Birds of Prey came out on top this week. Reviews coming in are good. Low ticket sales are being reported and lower than what was projected. Coming in with $33.25 million seems to be disappointing for critics. Maybe it’s the R rating for the comic book film. PG-13 would have brought in the younger crowd.

Margot Robbie was amazing in the Harley Quinn role. She knocked it out of the park. I thought the movie was great. Even if you know nothing about Quinn, see it. They did a great job of filling in the audience in on the back story of every character. Harley shows she can make it on her own without the joker. 

Second this week

Bad Boys for Life; Will Smith and Martin Lawrence came in second place with $12 million. In four weeks the Boys have earned $166.32. Pretty darn good for the third movie in the franchise. By-ends week, it’s expected to pass the $200 million mark. 

Oscar Nominee

1917 was nominated for 10 Oscars last night. They won 3 and came in 3rd place at the box office this week. $9 million dollars and it’s on the 7th week. I really thought 1917 was going to win the best picture. To date, the film’s earnings are $132 million. 

For the Rest

Universal’s Dolittle is still hanging in the top five. This week at four with an estimated $6.66 million. In total since it was released four weeks ago. This movie was good. The animals steal the show from Robert Downy Jr. I’m glad to see it still doing so well.

Dwayne Johnson is holding strong to fifth place for three weeks now. Jumanji: The Next Level brought in an estimated $5.53 over the weekend. Standing at $298.46 million in its ninth week.  By the end of the week, the film will cross the $300 million mark.

Super Bowl Sunday hit the box office hard. The second-lowest in fifteen years. Hardest hit movie I believe was The Gentlemen. Dropping down two spots the sixth this week. McConaughey and his boys brought in an estimated $4.18 million this weekend. Right now stand the film stands at $26.85 million in its third week of release. This movie was really good. Some say it’s mostly an older male audience. This chick loved it. When it comes out on DVD I think sales will pick up.

Last weekend Gretel and Hansel debuted at number four. In its 2nd week, we find Gretel at seven with only an estimated $3.51 million. At least the reboot of Hansel and Gretel is still in the top ten. Unlike Rhythm Section which also came out last weekend, the film didn’t even make the top ten. Dropping all the way to sixteen.

Rounding up the bottom three of the top ten is Knives Out jumped back up into the top coming in 8th. Last week 11th and jumping up in its the eleventh week.  Bringing in $2.35 million and totaling $158.94 million in total. Little Women at ninth in its 7th week. Also winning Best Costume design at Oscar’s last night. Last in the top ten is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Grossing an estimated $2.22 million. Overall a total of $510.54 million. Star Wars fans are awesome.

Have a great week and we’ll see you Friday at the movies

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