GVN Talking Comics Exclusive 5 Page Preview – Ahoy Comics, Snelson: ‘Comedy is Dying, Issue 3’

Ahoy Comics Snelson: Comedy is Dying

Ahoy Comics and Creators Paul Constant and Fred Harper have been “killing it” with their book Snelson: Comedy is Dying. For those unfamiliar, the book is about a former huge comedy star named Melville Snelson.  He was about to rule the 80’s when he was derailed due to a mistake he made involving a minor. Since that time, all of the momentum he had built up came crashing down like a game of Jenga. But not one to give up, he continued to tour the small clubs with some other comedians. Talking about his downfall and the ‘cancel culture” that he thought caused it. At least, until he was told by his Doctor he had rectal cancer.

Exclusive Preview

With that bit of bad news setting the stage, Snelson abruptly changed his material. Talking to audiences about how the Comedy he knew and loved is dying. And how he was going to bring it back. One set at a time. He also branched out to do a “Comedy is Dying” Podcast. It was during a break in recording his podcast that he shared his situation to his fellow touring comedians. That made it easier to openly discuss it. Because if his comedy partners knew anything about Snelson, being a “pain in the ass” was something he knew all about. Which leads us to Issue 3 of Snelson: Comedy is Dying. Thanks to our good friends at Ahoy, we are proud to present this exclusive 5 page look at the latest chapter which drops on October 13th.

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Be sure to check out Ahoy Comics, Snelson Comedy is Dying, Issue 3 on October 13th where all great comics are sold. If you missed the first two, its not too late to pick up those as well.

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