Exclusive Cover Art Preview

One of the most highly anticipated upcoming titles for Ahoy Comics is Eric Palicki’s Black’s Myth. Palicki, the writer of Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists and No Angel, and Black Acre artist Wendell Cavalcanti are collaborating on this new five issue series coming in July. Black’s Myth tells about an LA-based private investigator who just happens to be a werewolf.

This noir style black-and-white horror series will feature covers by rising star Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy and Trve Cvlt). Now, thanks to our friends at Ahoy Comics, we are proud to be exclusively debuting her cover art for the 3rd Issue of the series. As shown here:

Courtesy: Ahoy Comics. Artist: Liana Kangas

About Black’s Myth

Meet Janie Jones “Strummer” Mercado—just an ordinary werewolf PI, trying to make it on the mean streets of Los Angeles. But when the case of a lifetime falls into her lap, it’s up to her and her charming djinn assistant Ben Si’lat to figure it out. A collection of 30 rare silver bullets are missing. But where do silver bullets come from anyway? The legend is they were made from the silver paid to Judas Iscariot. If so, no wonder they are coveted.

Blacks’s Myth mixes familiar noir detective tropes with urban fantasy world-building. As the story progresses,  it explores the “supernatural underground” thriving in Los Angeles. In truth, they  pretty much had my attention at Werewolf P.I.

Are you looking forward to Black’s Myth? It premiers July 7th from Ahoy Comics. Also check out our latest addition of GVN’s Talking Comics Interview where we talk to the man behind the “Myth,” Writer Eric Palicki.

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