Blood on Sunset

What happens when you mix a hard-boiled detective case in post-WWII Los Angeles with the supernatural? Well in the hands of writer Mark D’anna and artist Arjuna Susini, you get an intriguing and addictive thriller called Blood on Sunset. This five-book series, published by Source Point Press, explores the dark side of the city where a Vampire Crime syndicate has put the bite on LA. And only one man could possibly intervene: Clint Braddock. A former cop who has his own secrets. But all it took was a single phone call to irrecoverably change his life.


It’s June 20th, 1947. While the war may have ended for most people in 1945, in the streets of LA, it never really stopped. At least not as far as the cops and the criminal element was concerned. As for former cop Clint Braddock, he’s been trying to stay out of it. Especially since he had his “problem” and was kicked off the force. But in LA, trouble never seems far behind. Clint gets reminded of this firsthand. He is drinking at a bar on Sunset Boulevard at 2:00am when he gets a call from his ex-girlfriend, Beverly. It seems that prominent mob boss Bugsy Siegel’s just been murdered. And unfortunately for Beverly, she found the body.

Now, she’s terrified and needs his help. Clint never could turn Beverly down. Soon, Braddock arrives to find the aftermath of a bloody, violent, and sadistic murder. Not that it should be a surprise that Siegal met with an unfortunate demise. It kind of came with his profession. But this was NOT your typical mob hit. In fact, it almost looks like the work of…Eaters. If that wasn’t bad enough, in sifting through the carnage, Braddock finds evidence that someone may be trying to pin the murder on him. Which, considering his past, is not good. Mainly because Braddock is part Eater, and he’s spent years keeping his true nature hidden…until now.

However, by the look of things, someone knows what he is.  And is using that knowledge to implicate him in what is probably the biggest crime to hit Los Angeles in decades. Now, with Bugsy out of the way, the seat of power in the criminal underworld is up for grabs. Again, not a huge shock. However, looking at Siegel’s corpse, the rumors of a possible Vampire crime syndicate emerging doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it once did. As for Braddock, he is now fang deep into the hunt for Siegel’s killer. The question is, “will he prove to be an ally for the Vampire cause, or the perfect weapon to stop it. It all depends on where his loyalties lie.”

Writer Mark D’Anna

In “Blood on Sunset” we really wanted to peel back the glitzy veneer of 1940s Los Angeles and explore the violence and horror simmering just below the surface. I love how in these pages Arjuna perfectly captured that weird intersection of those two worlds. You have the impossibly sad and lonely bar on the kind of dismal stretch of Sunset Boulevard no one ever wants to talk about. We get to see the empty streets of Hollywood with all those famous yet vacant landmarks. And then there’s Bugsy Siegel’s house – the obvious wealth and opulence, the nice clothes, the grand piano, the beautiful woman, and all of it soaked in blood. It so nicely encapsulates that complicated and violent side of L.A. we want “Blood on Sunset” to inhabit, and really sets the stage for where we can take this story. This isn’t your typical crime noir comic – not by a longshot.

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Source Point Press, Blood on Sunset Issue 1 by Mark D’anna and Arjuna Susini hits stands on December 29th. Check it out where great comics are sold.

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