GVN’s Talking Comics Preview: Coming June 23, Image Comics ‘Vinyl’ by Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard


First, there was ‘Plastic’

It goes without saying that serial killers dance to their own tune. What that particular tune is differs from each individual. With that in mind, back in 2017, writer Doug Wagner and artist Daniel Hillyard wrote a five book series about a serial killer who was obsessed with Plastic. Mainly using zip lock bags to hold his victims decapitated heads. Because of that, it should come as no surprise that the killer in question, whose name was Edwyn, found love and happiness with a “plastic” sex doll. Edwyn named her Virginia. He would do anything for her. After he and “Virginia” got together, he tried to leave his “urges” behind and be left alone. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas and he was forced once again to confront his calling. That will happen when someone kidnaps his “Virginia.”

Now, there is ‘Vinyl’

Wagner and Hillyard’s series, appropriately entitled Plastic, was very well received by readers and critics alike. So it should come as no shock that Wagner and Hillyard have come together once again to create a 2nd series. This time, it is called Vinyl (see what I did with that “tune” comment above?). This new series once again explores how a serial killer, this time named Walter, must put his “skills” to use for what he considers, the greater good.

However, in Vinyl, which refers to Walter’s need to play records while he “works,” Walter feels obligated to rescue the Police Detective that has been working to put him behind bars. Why? Because, as Dennis has worked “undercover,” he has had lunch with Walter almost every day for a year. Of course, that is only to gather evidence AGAINST Walter. But as far as Walter is concerned, that makes Dennis the best friend he has ever had.

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The JLSK to the Rescue

However, that’s when Madeleine Bellini, the mother of a criminal Dennis “falsely” put in prison, decides to seek revenge. She uses Dennis’ daughter to coerce him to go with her. That was unacceptable for Walter and he is off to the rescue. Its not important that Dennis was trying to put Walter behind bars. It doesn’t matter that his captor’s are members of some weird Sunflower Cult. He will ask nicely for them to release his friend. As a courtesy. But if they refuse, then he, along with his recently recruited gang of serial killers, or as writer Wagner refers to them, “the Justice League of Serial Killers,” will make them see the error of their ways. If Vinyl is anything like Plastic, you can be sure it will be a bloody good time, with some twists thrown in for good measure.

Doug Wagner talks about the Seeds for ‘Vinyl’

We recently talked to Doug about his new book and he explained that it wasn’t long after Plastic came out that he and Daniel started thinking about a sequel of sorts for the series. At least after they got over the shock of how well Plastic was received.

We had no clue that anyone was going to like it [speaking of Plastic]. But we loved it. So we thought it was more important to get it out for us. As much as it was for anybody else. And then when it took off, it just really surprised us.  We were both like, “Wow, we didn’t realize people were going to respond to it. And that it was going to resonate quite as strongly as it did.” So then we started toying with, “Hey, do we want to do a sequel to Plastic or do something different.” At this point I started having this idea about a “Justice League” of Serial Killers. And how that would look. So that’s kind of where the seed of Vinyl started being planted.

Image Comics Vinyl# 1 comes to where all great comics are sold on June 23rd. If you are a fan of Plastic, you should definitely check it out…and even if you are not. You can listen to our complete interview with Doug here.

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