GVN Talking Comics Preview: Coming in February 2022 – Mad Cave Studios ‘Speed Republic #1’ by Ryan K Lyndsay and Emanuele Parascandolo

What happens when you mix the intensity of the iconic film Deathrace 2000 and blend it with apocalyptic gamesmanship of the Hunger Games? One possibility might be Mad Caves’ upcoming new series Speed Republic by Ryan K Lyndsay and Emanuele Parascandolo. In this exciting new story, readers will follow young Sebastian Valencia as he enters what is known as the “Grand Race.” A deadly race through an apocalyptic Europe. No rules, no holds barred. The goal is to win. Doing whatever it takes. And the man in charge wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Grand Race is orchestrated by a man known as “The Autocrat.” So what does the Autocrat offer those who dare to compete in his yearly spectacle?” Why an opportunity for a life free of poverty and full of luxury. For Sebastian, it seems like the only avenue open to him.  A hope to find a better way of life. However, as the race ensues, he starts to question if it’s all worth it…and perhaps, who can he trust?

Writer Ryan K Lyndsay

Speed Republic is one of my favourite things I’ve ever written because it’s a story that touches on a whole bunch of narrative elements I love. It’s about a future society breakdown, a completely detached megacorporation monolith, family, a sense of purpose, and of course epic pulse-pounding car race shenanigans. I felt as much influence from haunted John Carpenter futures as I did esoteric emotional vignettes from the Coen Brothers. This is a story about one man trying to help his family, and maybe himself, in a world that won’t, and doesn’t truly value the concept of doing such things. Creating this landscape, in which to tell this story with Emanuele Parascandolo, has been a dark delight and I hope readers lose themselves in the swirl of this comic.”

Artist Emanuele Parascandolo

Working on Speed Republic has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had so far. The collaboration between Ryan, Chris, Michele and I was nothing short of a perfect synergy to me and it made me grow as an artist and as a worker in general. Probably, the thing I’ve loved the most has been reading and picturing the characters that Ryan had created: they felt so real that they immediately took shape in the panels and trying to make them as expressive as possible has been a total blast for me!”

With colors by Michele Monte and lettering by Joamette Gil Mad Cave Studios Speed Republic #1 hits stands on February 2nd, 2022.

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