GVN’s Talking Comics Review: comiXology Originals, ‘Snow Angels’ Issue 2

Snow Angels issue 2
The Snowman has Arrived

When we last left Snow Angels, Milliken and Mae were hid beneath the dead bodies left by the legendary Snowman. Their father had hid them there, telling them to be deadly silent. Like their life depended on it. Because it did. They waited, afraid to move or even breathe less the Snowman heard them and killed them all. Fortunately, after a time, which felt like hours, the Snowman skated off. The “Skit, Skit, Skit” of his skates fading in the distance. After more time had passed, the girls father appeared and assured them that the man had left.

Snow Angels issue 2

But there was no time to ponder their good fortune. They needed to gather their things and move on. If the Snowman was here, it only meant one thing. Someone had disobeyed one of the rules of the Trench. Someone had left the Trench. Now the Snowman wouldn’t stop until they were ALL dead. And if was going North, they would go South. As fast and as far as they could.

Leaving their Home

Mae didn’t understand. This was their home. Why did they have to leave it? And why could they not take care of those who died? They needed to go under the ice. Only in that way could they join the “Colden” ones. While her Father understood, he knew there was no time for such things. They needed to go and go quickly. Milliken told Mae to stop arguing and do as Father said. But as the two girls faced each other, Father intervened. They could no longer have the luxury of fighting with each other. The three of them were all that was left of the Trench people. Arguments were a luxury they could not afford and would only cause the Snowman to hear them.

As they ventured South, they referred to a Map their mother had made. Eventually, they came close to the thicket on the Southern Trench path. Father had always warned the girls to stay away from the Thicket. It was said to have bears there. But Father knew it could not be helped. Once in the Thicket, they might find shelter there. So they would need to be alert and ready. Mae should stay between Father and Milliken, just to be safe. But before they could proceed, Father looked back the way they came…and he saw it. Coming up from the distance. Extremely fast. The Snowman was returning. No choice now but to Skate as fast as they could go.

Danger in the Thicket

They entered the thicket but as they did, Mae had stopped. Milliken shouted at Mae to get moving. But she did not. She felt there was something else in the thicket. She was right. A Trench dog suddenly appeared and attacked Father, biting him savagely at his leg. While he tried to fight the dog off, Milliken shot the animal with her bow, killing it with one shot. But as Father congratulated her on her shot, he looked down and saw how bad his leg had been damaged. He barely got the words out before collapsing to the ice. The girls frantically tried to get their father to get up. But as they did, the Skit, Skit, Skit of skates was coming up fast. The Snowman was returning.


The fear of the “Boogeyman” has long been a part of many a child’s psyche. A story that has been told that warns of an impending entity that might appear if a child misbehaves. Sometimes this is told in jest as a way to tease wayward children. But in other cases, it is a legend that is shared throughout the years to warn what could happen if established rules are not adhered to. This is the case in Snow Angels.

The fear is intensified when what was thought to be just a legend manifests itself in reality. Such is the case of Milliken and Mae. While they had heard their father talk about the Snowman many times, they never really thought they would encounter him. They obeyed the rules of the Trench. As had their father. But someone obviously had not. And now they were the only surviving trench folk.

History and Religion

Jeff Lemire continues an ominous narrative that explores not only childhood fears but also shared historical narratives and religious beliefs. All combine to make Snow Angels, a chilling tale where children are faced with their own fears  and what they were taught to believe. Mae’s fight to deal with their communities dead is an example of that inner conflict.

Jock continues to freeze one to the bone with his portrayal of the frozen environment of the trench. His consistent use of blues, grays, and white depict a landscape that is barren, cold, and foreboding. While at the same time, still using just hints of red for the blood and other accents to great effect. He also explore various framing and panel techniques to great story effect. The argument between Mae and Milliken was extremely well done in dialogue and visual representation.

So now we are faced with the return of the dreaded Snowman and how the girls will help their wounded father. Sounds like more than two young girls should be expected to deal with. But that’s what issue Three will deal with. ComiXology Originals Snow Angels Issue 2 by Jeff Lemire and Jock will be released on March 16th.