Meet Megan. The most important event of her life is almost here. At least at this point in her young life. She is getting married to the man of her dreams, Troy. And as tradition demands, she is meeting with her dearest friends for a weekend of fun and who knows what else in Vegas. This Bachelorette Party will be EPIC! All of her besties are there to share it with her. Megan’s sister Haley, Maid of Honor Number 1. Along with her VERY Best friend Gina, Maid of Honor Number 2 (much to the chagrin of Haley). Her friend Kayla is here, a Wiccan who judges people by their “aura.” Also attending is her friend Jess who ALSO dated her husband to be Troy. Most of Megan’s friends believe Jess is struggling with not being jealous that he is marrying Megan and not her. Oh, well…she’ll get over it. Finally there is Dani, who spends so much time glued to her phone, its a wonder she made it to the airport. The gang is all here.

It seemed like a normal, girls weekend in Vegas. And as everyone knows, what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas. This much would be true. But as luck would have it, it would be anything but normal. For unbeknownst to the young ladies, something evil is afoot. Something that will become unleashed, due to the misfortune of a simple group tattoo. It seemed innocent enough. One last symbol of friendship to remember Megan’s Bachelorette Party. Instead, it became a key to an event that would change ALL their lives. By the time it would reach it’s seeming conclusion, any thoughts of fun or debauchery would be replaced by sheer terror and blood. Such was the tale told in Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly, Bachelorette Party!


When I was young, I lived for Saturday Nights. Not because I was looking forward to some date. I was too young for that (Not that I didn’t think about it.) But I was all into Shock Theater! It was the local late night Monster, Demonic, Science Fiction film fest where they showed some classic and NOT so classic films. I would fight sleep like a ravenous villain until I hear the words, and now, SHOCK THEATER. I made it! Then I would immediately fall asleep. Writer Jenna Lyn Wright’s Bachelorette Party would have fit perfectly into that genre. A classic horror filled shock fest where what once was a fun time, ends in a gradual bloody mess. It also proves that group Tattoos are generally not a good thing. At least in this narrative anyway. Wright spins an enticing tale of intrigue and mystery mixed with supernatural angst that keeps the reader turning pages until the end. While still wondering what will happen next. Another winner by Zenescope.

I have fully become to believe and accept that there is no such thing as bad art in a Zenescope tome. There just isn’t. Every single issue is filled with high detailed, superlative art that expresses whatever the writer is telling with unsurpassed skill. Artists Vicente Cifuentes and Rodrigo Xavier along with colorist Maxflan Araujo and letterer Taylor Esposito continue in that vein. Excellence begets excellence. Nice problem to have.

Zenescope’s Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly, Bachelorette Party by Jenna Lyn Wright, Vicente Cifuentes and Rodrigo Xavier hits stands on November 3rd.

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