[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”9570″ img_size=”800×450″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]We got some huge news at Comic Con last week concerning the Halloween franchise, not one but two movies were announced. Starting in September, director David Gordon Green will begin filming both Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends back to back. Bloody Disgusting confirmed before Comic Con that Green was returning to film both films but they had heard we might be getting both movies in the same month, that news has since been debunked. Halloween Kills will debut in October 2020 and Halloween Ends will conclude the David Gordon Green saga in October 2021. Notice I said it will conclude Green’s saga, that is because no one can ever keep Michael down. Green himself even spoke to Collider about someone else coming along after they wrap their trilogy and creating something new

“I think, ultimately, Michael Myers is such an iconic character that no one besides Carpenter is ever gonna have ownership over him. This will be our chance at the table to play with these characters, and I’m sure that, when we’re done, other people will come in and do the same thing, or have their own reinvention. Michael Myers is iconic enough to allow that, too. He’s like James Bond, where you can have different actors and different filmmakers. He represents something so simple and scary that he can be translated by lots of different people.”

Green even gave some more details regarding his next two films

Eneba Many GEOs

“It’s just a continuation of it. It’s telling the story, moving forward,” Green said. “It’s not another reinvention or anything like that. It’s this world that we’ve established, and then it continues beyond the events of the first one.”

Halloween (2019) picks up after the events of Halloween and ignores all sequels including Halloween 2. Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends look to be their own continuation as Green said but there is always a chance elements from the other films might make their way in. Danielle Harris who played Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and 5, was shocked she was not asked to return in some capacity after she was included in both Rob Zombie Halloween films. Danielle played Annie Brackett in those films.

The cast from Halloween (2019) are set to return including Jamie Lee Curtis.

Are you excited to see two more Halloween films? Who from the past films would you like to see return or make a cameo for the next two films? Did you enjoy or dislike Halloween 2019? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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