Happy Death Day 2 U Goes Full Geek Mode and It’s Awesome

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I am sure man of you read that and you’re thinking, “What does the multiverse have to do with this movie?” Well let me tell you that it was lots to do with this movie. When you first saw the trailer for Happy Death Day 2 U or when you heard it was being made, you might have assumed – like I did – that this movie would probably be a repeat of the first one. Well you’d be kind of right and kind of wrong. Let me explain!

Just a WARNING – This review will have some  SPOILERS!

Happy Death Day (2017) was very much like the awesome Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day. Complete with dying and waking up to relive the same day over and over and over. Happy Death Day 2 U is like Groundhog Day meets Back to the Future 2 on Geek Steroids! I love both of the films mentioned and thus I sat through this movie with the biggest smile on my face ever. I’m sure most of you are like “How is this movie like Back to the Future 2?” – Well this is where some spoilers come in. So once again if you don’t wanna know leave now.




Still here? Great! Happy Death Day 2 U opens up immediately after the first film. In fact it opens up before the first film even ends. Instead of focusing on Tree (Jessica Rothe) and Carter (Israel Broussard) the film opens as  Ryan (Phi Vu) is waking up in his car and makes his way back into the dorm room. The film sets it up as though we are going to see the film from his point of view this time. Ryan goes through the motions and begins to experience deja vu much like Tree did in the first film. Ryan explains what’s happening to Carter and Tree who create a plan to keep Ryan alive and close his “loop”.

Ryan, Tree and Carter decide that hiding in plain site at a basketball game is the best way to avoid dying. Wrong! Ryan finds himself running for his life as the ‘Babyface’ killer makes his return to claim another life. After a brief chase and a scuffle, the killer is unmasked. Zoinks! Scoob

The killer turns out to be …. Ryan himself! Now is where the film takes its geek/nerd twist that separates itself from other carbon copy sequels. Turns out the whole ordeal with Tree in the first film wasn’t some divine intervention to help her see her terrible ways and change to become a better person, it turns out a science “fluke” was behind it all along. Ryan and his friends, Dre and Samar, created SISSY (at least that’s what I think they were calling it) and SISSY is a device that has some how opened time loops, vortexes and paths to multiverses. See I told you!

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SISSY was behind Tree’s entire ordeal in the first film but if not for the machine and what she calls a “fluke” then Tree would have for sure died.  Somehow Ryan and his doppelgänger inhabit the same time line and his doppelgänger is trying to kill him to avoid even further catastrophic events from happening .  An accident causes SISSY to activate and this sends Tree to a different timeline. This is where Back to the Future Part 2 comes in. Tree now inhabits a time where it’s her birthday once again but now the killer is after her former roommate, Lori (Ruby Modine), who was Tree’s killer from the first film. Carter is dating Tree’s best friend Danielle and Tree’s mom never died. Tree loves this new timeline and must decide whether to stay and be with her family or go back to her true time line and be with Carter. Jessica Rothe really did a great job showing her emotions struggling with this choice and it makes you think about what you would do if you were in a similar situation. Tree not only has a second chance to make things right with her mom but she also can make things right with Lori, something she never got to do in her true timeline.

There is a ton of laughs in the film and there is even another great sequence of events where Tree kills herself. Even a nice bathtub nod to Groundhogs Day. I love the whole who done it mystery of the film and you’re on the edge of your seat the entire time just trying to figure out the film. That was one of the great things I love about this film is that it’s not completely predictable. Universal and Blumhouse have found a way to keep building on what made the first film so good. HDD2U has a heart and emotion as well. You can take your girlfriend or boyfriend to see this for Valentine’s Day and both can enjoy it. You have love, laughs, scares and all kinds of geeky moments.

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The original cast is back and even new comers Sarah Yarkin and Suraj Sharma are great additions. Everyone pitches in this time and while the film is very much about Tree, it was good to see others get some time to shine. Jessica Rothe is terrific once again and Israel Broussard works great with her. They have some real chemistry. Director Christopher Landon returns which helped this film keep the magic from the first film while adding new plot twists to keep this film fresh.

The film clocks in at about 90 minutes.  I never noticed any pacing issues and in fact I kept wanting more.  I’m trying to think of something I disliked about the film but I cannot think of anything. I will say the “killer” reveal was a little anticlimactic but this movie is more than just finding out who the killer is. I love the sci-fi twist this film had and while that may turn some viewers off, I think it sets up a third film nicely. Which I will say STAY during the credits cause there is a post credit scene that very well might be setting up a third film.

In closing I’ll say this, Happy Death Day 2 U didn’t suffer from a sophomore slump. It’s got so many great elements and it’s got a pretty cool twist. The screening I was at got tons of laughs and applause. This movie keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes. It’s a great Valentine’s Day film as well that anyone can enjoy.

Final Verdict – Must See 3.5/4


Happy Death Day 2 U slashes its way into theaters on February 13 and stars Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Ruby Modine and Rachel Matthews. The film is directed by Christopher Landon

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