HBO’s ‘HOUSE OF THE DRAGON’ Heads Into Production

Can you believe it’s been two years since the eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiere?  Oh, how I’ve missed the show. The only reason I started watching was for the Dragons. Now the cameras will again be rolling but on its successor a prequel series, House of the Dragon. Production is set to start April 14 the same exact date that the final season aired.

During a Q&A as part of HBO/HBO Max’s portion of TCA, HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys revealed that House of the Dragon, from George R.R. Martin, Ryan Condal, and Miguel Sapochnik, will start production in April oversees.

“We’re thrilled with Miguel and Ryan, their collaboration and their collaboration with us, and excited to get going,” said Bloys who is hoping to be able to visit the set if he gets vaccinated in time. “That’s all moving ahead and we are excited about that.”

Five different prequel ideas have been developed by HBO. Scripts have been commissioned, pilots have been done but none have gone forward. House of Dragons though went right to series. The network is also ordering an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Tales of Dunk & Egg novellas. GOT fans we may just have two series to watch at the same time! Oh, how my heart beats!!!

“We’ve been talking about areas to develop, which is where this prequel came from,” Bloys said. “We are talking about other areas that make sense as well. George R.R. Martin’s world is so big and what’s interesting about it, not only is it big but he’s got a lot of road maps in terms of history. So one of the great things about House of the Dragon is that’s an established history that leads you to Game of Thrones the show, and there is a lot of little branches. There is a lot of opportunities and stories to tell.”

Bloys is more focused on the quality of a GoT series not how many he can make.

“In terms of the right number, I’d say the number is the shows that are good,” he said. “I’d rather get scripts good and make them stories worth telling than shoot for a certain number of shows. I don’t necessarily have a number in mind but the goal is always the same which is, let’s get in business with people we believe in and shows that believe in and worry about the rest later.”

Thought to be one of those in the project is writer Bruno Heller. Bloys though would not specify that.

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Bloys isn’t ruling out potential spinoffs from GoT series.

“The good news with the prequels is that there is history that George has laid out,” Bloys said. “We are working with George, it would really be something we talk about with him but for right now, the prequels land themselves to it because of the really expansive history that George laid out in his world.”

With HBO Max’s sister station, HBO being more focused on the live-action fare, HBO Max has laid out as WarnerMedia’s premium home for animation.

It has been rumored that a Game of Thrones franchise would expand into animation for the streaming platform. (In his dual role, Bloys oversees programming for both HBO and HBO Max.) Unfortunately, we won’t see that until the far far future.

“It was really amusing, what would adult animation be like, would GoT land itself to that, so literally that was a conversation and there were a couple of conversations with writers, what do you think, what would this be, is there anything to it,” Bloys said about exploring the idea of an animated GoT series. “When I say embryonic, I mean really really embryonic.”

He reiterated that the material and the talent would drive the franchise’s expansion.

“I’ve never wanted to do this with a mandate that you must have three series by this time or you must exploit adult animation or you must do that,” he said. “It’s really coming from, would that be interesting, is that good, do we have a writer we believe in. That’s kind of the approach we are taking. I think you have to because if you don’t do that, it would lead to putting shows on for the sake of it.

What do you think? Are you excited as me? I am pumped! Let us know!

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Source: Deadline 

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