Henry Golding Pegged To Play ‘SNAKE EYES’


It is apparently a good time to be Henry Golding. Not only did he costar in the popular and record breaking film, Crazy Rich Asians,  but he also recently secured a role in Emma Thompson’s holiday romantic comedy Last Christmas. In that film he stars alongside Game of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke.

Now, it appears he will be trying his hand at the action adventure leading man. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Golding is in discussion to play the lead in Paramount and Hasbro’s Snake Eyes. This will be the first GI Joe solo film so it’s not a surprise they chose the popular masked ninja Joe for the first go around. The character of Snake Eyes has appeared in previous GI Joe films (Rise of Cobra and Retaliation), but only as a supporting member of the team.

In Snake Eyes, the film will explore the background of the character and reveal for the first time, the face behind the mask. Snake Eyes will tell the story of  how the titular character lost his father and vows to seek revenge. He begins this quest by joining a ninja clan. Thus the film will be dealing with more of Snake Eyes’ origins and history as opposed to his time with the G.I. Joes.

How do you like the casting of Henry Golding as Snake Eyes? Perhaps we will even hear the character speak before he becomes the masked, silent type. Share your thoughts about the Character with us at GeekVibesNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com