Artificial intelligence is slaying every second industry. Its powerful tools and robust data analysis made it the best. AI technology serves businesses in a broader spectrum. Since AI is a broader technology; therefore, its business benefits are also infinite. Whether it’s about managing business process automation or accruing data analysis insights, AI can do it all. Many worldwide companies are using AI power to better engage with employees and clients. In this blog, you will find that how companies will leverage AI technology in the upcoming year. Before digging deeper into the details, let’s first explore the basics of Artificial intelligence.


What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is directly associated with computer science. AI technology uses smart machines to achieve human-level intelligence for performing various tasks. Artificial intelligence is all about training computers to achieve maximum efficiency.  The concept behind AI is to teach computers via human behaviors. In this way, the robots, with the help of programming and algorithms, function accordingly.


Is AI A Futuristic IT Approach? 

Without doubting, Artificial intelligence is a futuristic IT approach. We can expect significant changes in the IT industry since AI is continually revamping the domain. Moreover, AI consists of multiple extensions that are sometimes known as AI branches. The most common AI branches are deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, and image processing. Two of the most widely used AI tools in the IT industry are machine learning and deep learning. As I mentioned, machine learning and deep learning are very much involved in the IT domain. Therefore, you must comprehend why two of these AI tools have penetrated so powerfully in the IT domain.


What is Machine Learning and how it is contributing to IT Companies? 

The name has it all! Machine learning is all about learning and training computer programs. It uses specialized algorithms designed to analyze data without human interactions. With practice, machine learning programs identify scenarios and generate results accordingly. Moreover, machine learning programs can analyze enormous data and then provide precise solutions for certain complications.


Deep Learning and its Influence Over IT Companies

Deep learning is somehow connected with machine learning but follows a different approach. It mainly emphasizes the idea of interpreting data via images, sound, text, and other forms of labeled data. In short, it is more towards analogous techniques and algorithms with a different working style. Deep learning uses neural network architectures to finish a range of pre-organized tasks.


How AI will transform IT Companies in 2021  

There are so many common ways to which AI is assumed to transform IT structure in the upcoming year. I will name and explain a few approaches below:


  1. AI will Promote Unwind Software Testing 

Detecting errors in a quality assurance department is not an easy thing to do. Luckily, many IT companies will deploy AI processes to continue software testing. Since AI uses recognized patterns by analyzing tons of data sets; therefore, implementing artificial intelligence in software testing will significantly reduce testing time. Not only, with the help of artificial intelligence QA engineers will make minimum errors in real-time. All in all, AI will save time, minimize human errors, and unburden QA teams.


  1. AI will Observe the Latest Purchasing Trends 

Yet again, the AI power of analyzing big data is driving realistic possibilities. According to Zoom Info, 61% of business owners believe that AI technology plays a crucial role in finding new opportunities. Artificial intelligence uses multiple tools to analyze data from social media. It helps companies gain better insights on users’ buying trends and lead them by outperforming competitors.


  1. AI will Enhance Computer Programming 

AI-based algorithms can perform like a human. In 2021, IT companies will use AI for programming. AI will work effectively with five major programming languages: Python, LISP, Prolog, C++, and Java. All the mentioned languages support the artificial intelligence model and generate effective solutions for creating the latest functionalities and features. Mostly, AI systems are based on Python language and use comprehensive frameworks, tools, and libraries to run smoothly. Moreover, AI systems also comprise Java language for automation of various tasks using visualization techniques.


  1. IT Companies Will Use AI for Network Improvements 

It is expected that in the mid of 2021, most organizations will turn into AI-based companies.  The main reason for this massive AI adoption will also include its capability to improve network performance. AI-based systems will help IT departments to better secure networks. Artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms detects network problems and fix those errors accordingly. Furthermore, AI-based VPN router will be a trend shortly. These routers use machine learning algorithms to detect network threats and protect system through modified protection levels.


  1. Manual work Reduction Will Significantly Increase

Since AI is all about machine learning and robotic, companies will save massive costs on manual work. AI may also replace human employees for some tasks. However, it’s not possible to predict how many human jobs AI will take over.


  1. Customer Service will be Harnessing AI 

The use of AI assistants in customer services will drastically reform the definition of customer support service. In the foreseeable future, AI will replace human calls for booking appointments at hospitals and salons.


AI and Its Impact on Other Industries 

The AI journey is not limited to the IT industry. The technology will take center stage by the end of 2021. It is anticipated that other sectors will also deploy AI for increased productivity via algorithms and machines. Some significant sectors are expected to optimize AI functionalities prominently. A few are outlined below:


  1. Healthcare 

The Healthcare industry is anticipated to be on the top for equipping AI. With the help of virtual assistance, patients can be monitored and treated accurately. Big data analysis helps healthcare industries to maintain and form personalized patient experience. Moreover, streamlining AI in the healthcare industry will also aid medical professionals in achieving more accurate and quick patient diagnosis through big data analysis.


  1. Transportation 

Although we do not see AI-based cars shortly, it will take a decade, at least. However, automotive companies should start thinking over the implementation idea. AI-based transportation will promote self-driving vehicles. Besides that, traffic management, flight delays, and carbon emission issues will also be sorted with AI-powered transport.


  1. Media 

Media is another significant domain that will soon tie up AI in its operations.  Many media companies are struggling to adopt Cyborg technology that is responsible for analyzing complicated financial reports.

Together with natural language abilities, Cyborg technology can produce up to 3700 earnings report stories annually. The figure is almost four times bigger than the previously noted stats for a media company named Bloomberg.


  1. Manufacturing Industry 

AI-based robots will be playing a crucial role in the manufacturing domain. The bots may not replace human intervention eminently but will significantly contribute to major tasks like stacking and assembling. Also, the predictive analytics tools will help companies in determining product fragility and expiration dates.



It seems that Artificial intelligence will lead us to end up in a fantastic future. The technology implementation looks complicated today, but the overall processes are assumed to be simpler than ever before. We expect great changes in the AI-powered world, those changes will not only influence the IT industry, but other domains will also leverage computer power.

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