Instagram has become huge over the years, consistently ranking as one of the most used social networks on the planet. This is because businesses and brands have begun using it as a way to market their products and services as well as connect with their audience. A quick way to gain traction is by using various growth services, of which many are available, as you could try out Growthoid, one of the top brands providing this service.

Instagram is a highly entertaining app and has several features that are beneficial to businesses such as the ‘shop’ feature that allows people to buy products directly from the  app. It may be difficult for a new business to get started on Instagram with how saturated the market is and how much competition is out there. However, there are a few things you can do to boost your account, so here are a few tips on how your business can get more followers on Instagram.

Use the appropriate hashtags

Instagram, similarly to Twitter, thrives on hashtags, making it essential for your growth on Instagram as a business, and it is easy to use, which is great especially if you are new on the platform and are looking for the simplest way to get more Instagram followers. They’re important because they provide direct marketing to people looking for exactly what you’re offering, sifting through the millions of users on the platform. With that being said, it’s also important that you use hashtags correctly, meaning hashtags that are related to your business. Use popular hashtags that fit with your business and your niche. It is particularly important to use hashtags that correspond with your location if you are a local business.

Post at the right times

Timing will do wonders for you and your company, especially when it comes to posting on Instagram. Your audience may be living in different countries in different time zones, so it’s important to post at the right time when your followers are active on Instagram. Luckily, with Instagram Analytics, you can view exactly when your followers are most active. This will also help in terms of boosting your reach which is why you should make sure to post consistently. Your audience needs to be able to rely on you to produce quality content consistently.

Engage to be engaged with

Engagement on Instagram is more important than followers. In fact, Instagram will push out your content a lot more if they can see that people are engaging with it. The algorithm works in the favor of those who have a highly engaged audience as it views you as authentic and real. You can engage with your audience through stories, using polls and questions, Instagram posts, by responding to comments, or through IGTV videos and lives. Do what works best for you and your company.

Consider using influencers

Through the creation of Instagram, a new industry has been born – Influencers. You may or may not know what an influencer is, but these individuals are the driving force of the app and are the biggest marketing tool you can use for your business. Essentially, they are individuals with at least 20,000 followers, but often more, who have a highly engaged audience who support them. By working with them, you can bring customers straight to your door with just one post. The costs of an influencer vary depending on their engagement and their following range. There are different methods to pay for them. You can pay them on commission or per post or every time someone clicks the link in their story leading traffic to your company. You can also offer them freebies and other incentives but it’s important to ensure that you are offering them something of value. Make sure the influencer you choose is in alignment with your niche. The benefits of using an influencer is instant marketing with rewarding results.
Have you been struggling to learn the ins and outs of Instagram? Have you been trying to boost your following? Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to boost your following, you can use the application with more intention and purpose. Don’t fret – Instagram is not a maze or a dark tunnel that only a select few can conquer. Unlike other platforms, Instagram is open to newcomers as long as their equipped with the necessary knowledge of how the platform operates. Don’t forget the importance of being authentic and engaging with your audience. There needs to be something that makes your business stand out from the rest.
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