Sports are a key part of society around the world and this is certainly true in the US. From football to basketball, and soccer to ice hockey, the social and economic benefits of sports are huge. Following sports also gives us something fun to do in our spare time. Two major examples of this are the recently legalized US sports betting scene and the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry that many states also allow.

In many ways, these two industries are pretty similar. Both naturally involve sports and can make you money. They are also both things that you can do online via relevant sportsbook/DFS apps. Both also involve needing to find the latest news and data to work from. One of the top sites around for this is Best Odds. This is a reliable online source for not only the best sports odds and offers but also the latest sporting news.

The similarities that DFS and sports betting share should not see you confuse the two though. They are separate things, and many point to DFS apps impacting on the future of sports betting. How has this happened though?


What is DFS?

Perhaps the best place to start is by explaining exactly what DFS is. In simple terms, it sees people draft their very own online fantasy teams to play against others in sports such as NFL, NBA or MLB. These fantasy teams are built from real-life players in the relevant sport and often see users given a certain amount of money to create a side.

Once ready, your team can be entered into a tournament, which lasts for a short amount of time, at well-known apps such as FanDuel or DraftKings. You earn points based on how your players perform, and many people will make money by placing bets on the outcome of DFS contests. This sees DFS platforms use the latest innovations in fintech apps to make any online transactions secure.


How have DFS apps impacted on sports betting?

While not all states have legalized sports betting as yet, a growing number have. In states that do allow betting on sports, it seems that well-known fantasy sport apps such as DraftKings have influenced sports betting. The most obvious example is that the same people who engage in DFS are the same people who might bet on sports. In fact, an Ipsos study in 2018 found that 79% of people who wagered on DFS would be likely to bet on sports when legal. This has really given the sports betting scene a helping hand and seen many states have a ready-made sports betting audience.

DFS apps also did sports betting a favor by getting people used to making wagers online and using online apps for this type of activity. As a result, people were more likely to use an internet sportsbook app to wager with.

Sports fans getting involved with creating fantasy teams on apps has also led to a real crossover between DFS and sports betting. Many now, for example, will use the knowledge they have gained from DFS apps to place online sports bets. The same is also being seen in reverse, where sports bettors use the information garnered when placing bets to succeed in DFS competitions.


How have DFS apps changed the way we watch sports?

 It is not just sports betting that has been influenced by the use of DFS apps, but how we like to watch sports has as well. One classic example is how using apps to compete in DFS competitions has made us much more player-focused, rather than looking at how a whole team is doing.

A knock-on effect of this is the sheer importance of stats. Many fans did not drill down into individual player numbers previously, but will now in order to see how it impacts their fantasy results. The rise of fantasy apps and contests has also seen people watch sports they might not have in the past or games they would usually miss. You might not care about the Ravens playing the Bills in NFL, but you would probably watch the game if you had a number of your DFS side in action.


DFS and DFS apps have impacted sports betting

 As the above shows, the rise of DFS and the apps that people use to play them has had far-reaching effects for sports betting. This has been in a positive way for both sectors though, as the crossover between them draws new fans for both to enjoy. When you also think about the impact on the way that we watch sports now, it is clear what a central role DFS apps play.

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