How I Rocked My Literary Essay While Attending A Friend’s Wedding!

I am too concerned with my academic career and progress so whenever I get an assignment I try to put my best efforts to complete it with perfection. Here, I am sharing my experience of one of my most memorable assignments, i.e. a literary essay, which was too thrilling for me.

What was the Scenario?

It was my friend’s wedding and I was too excited about that. Side by side I was also attending my online classes. Three days before the wedding day I was assigned a literary essay, which I was supposed to submit on the very next of my friend’s wedding. A literary essay is one of the most challenging academic tasks.

Mostly the college and university students assigned literary essays with one or two weeks’ deadlines. Students have to analyze and evaluate a piece of literature critically in this type of assignments. The purpose is to enhance students’ critical thinking skills (Tabačková, 2015). It requires research too.

I usually take three or four days to write a literary essay but it was the first time in my life that coping with this assignment became too hectic for me and I got panic. Being the bride’s mate I had to do a lot of preparations and in such a busy schedule it was too difficult for me to handle the literary essay. Though it was much stressful, however, I managed to do it successfully.

How Did I deal with My Literary Essay during My Friend’s wedding?

Following are the details about how I coped with the said situation and despite having a tough schedule, how I rocked my literary essay.

I Planned My Days

First, the anxiety hit me so hard but then I accept the scenario as a challenge and decided not to panic anymore. I encouraged myself that I cannot do it and made a three-day plan. I reserved four hours of each day for my essay. Then I divided my task into parts. On the first day, I planned to select the topic and get done with the research work. On the second day, I had to write the first draft of the essay and on the third day, I decided to finalize it.

I Found a Peaceful Spot at My Friend’s Place

My apartment was too far from my friend’s home and I can’ttravel daily to get to her wedding events due to which I had to stay at her place for a few days. Therefore, I found a peaceful spot in her house where I can execute my study plan without any distractions.

An Online Source Helped Me in Topic Selection

I started with the topic selection but my mind was so confused that doesn’t let me decide on a suitable topic. Suddenly a thought hit my mind and reminded me of my cousin’s experience of law dissertation writing. When he had to write his dissertation he took help from an online source to select one of the criminal law dissertation topics UK standards-based. This was a brilliant idea so did the same and get to a compelling topic for my literary essay related to my subject i.e. English Literature.

I Used ELearning Techniques for Fast Research

The next day I had to do research but also it was the day of the bachelorette party which I didn’t want to miss at any cost. So, I completed my research by using the ELearning techniques i.e. video lectures available on YouTube and credible educational websites. I was getting done with my research two hours earlier than the party time. I used this time in preparing a cake for my friend who was going to be a bride.

I Frequently Took Breaks

Though I decided to give four hours a day to my essay, still I knew that studying for continuous four hours without taking breaks adds to the stress (Taylor, 2020). So, I set some breaks for myself. After every half an hour I gave myself a refreshing break in which I used to chat with my friend or to listen to songs to boost my energy and recharge my mind. It kept me motivated to complete my work.

Making Arguments Wasn’t Difficult For Me

When I got done with my research work and my essay outline, I started making my arguments. I have had good argumentative skills since always. Additionally, I found concrete evidence to defend my claims in the essay. My friends were continuously calling me to go with them shopping but my essay was my priority that day. I was feeling bad that I couldn’t join them but wise people say, ‘no pain no gain. And, finally, I finished the essay.

I Smartly Got Done With Editing and Proofreading

After completing my three days plan, on the fourth day, which was actually my friend’s wedding day, I handed over my final draft to professional essay service for editing and proofreading. Then I enjoyed the wedding ceremony with a carefree free mind. I got the flawlessly edited and proofread version of my literary essay even before midnight which I submitted the next day.


This is the most comprehensive guide of how I rocked my literary essay while attending my friend’s wedding. It would be impossible for me if I keep stressing over it and didn’t find the courage to cope with this challenge. It is sincere advice to all the students out there never to undermine your abilities and believe in yourself no matter how difficult the circumstances are.


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