How SMS Continues To Be Relevant In This Day and Age

Even though some people may think of it as a thing of the past, SMS is still a major form of communication commonly used today. You might think that in such a digital world where there are so many other ways to communicate, such as instant messaging applications and email, that no one would be sending out or reading SMS messages. However, that’s actually the farthest thing from the truth, as many people and businesses still use SMS on a daily basis. From using text messaging as a marketing tool to verifying customers through SMS authentication methods, there are many reasons why people turn to SMS messaging. 


Read on to find out how SMS continues to be relevant in this day and age.  

Efficient Marketing Tool 

The first reason why SMS continues to be relevant nowadays is that many businesses use it as a tool to market their services. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that SMS offers fast delivery of marketing messages at a low price. Text messages also strengthen customer engagement across a wide range of demographics. In addition, alternative marketing channels offer decreased performance at a higher cost. SMS can also work effectively when combined with other marketing channels. An example of this is using digital strategies to collect information for your SMS campaigns or vice versa. 

High Opening Rate

SMS messages have an undeniably high opening rate, especially when you compare them to the alternatives. For example, a message you send via SMS is more likely to be viewed and responded to than one sent by email. This is the reason why many firms have turned to SMS rather than phone, email, or social media. SMS offers companies a better chance of actually reaching their intended audience.

Increased Privacy 

Another reason why SMS is still thriving in this day and age is the fact that it has a very high level of privacy. In contrast to other communication channels like social media and instant messaging, private information about the sender or receiver, such as profile pictures and status updates, cannot be viewed by the other party. Another form of privacy offered by SMS is the lack of presence indicators showing whether someone is online or offline. This means that people face less pressure to respond and feel more comfortable. 

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Effective for Quick User Authentication 

Quick user authentication is a significant reason behind the continued use of SMS. Businesses can use SMS to send pin codes to their customers when they need to verify a user’s phone number or corroborate their account and login information. As mentioned on businesses typically utilize user account security tools equipped with a complete user verification system in a single API. Besides simple verification types, the tools that send out SMS messages also provide two-factor authentication options. This type of authentication verifies and confirms transactions by sending out authorization pin codes to customer’s mobile phones in order to help validate identities. This is especially important for businesses dealing with sensitive information, such as banks and health care services. 

Great Visibility

SMS messages are still relevant due to how visible they are when compared to other forms of communication. SMS notifications typically take precedence over other notifications from social media since they show up in their own section. They also cause your mobile device to light up and flicker with the notification, which is hard to miss. Though other forms of social media notifications and emails may send similar light indicators, SMS messages don’t require an internet connection to be received and viewed. This means they can be seen at any time and place, as long as the mobile phone is turned on in an area with cell service. When people get their internet data connection back after being disconnected, they are likely to be flooded with other social media notifications, so being able to receive SMS messages even without data will help them stand out. 


Versatility is an additional reason why SMS is still widespread nowadays. Text messages can be used to communicate with almost any target market, as the vast majority of adults today have a mobile phone. However, not every adult has a smartphone with an internet or data connection, which means they won’t receive emails or app notifications on time. Also, even if they happen to have a smartphone, they may not have the application you want to communicate through installed, limiting your reach in a way that SMS does not. In short, SMS messaging is your best bet to connect with your target audience, no matter what mobile device they use.

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Customers Prefer It 

The final reason why SMS is still popular is the fact that customers prefer it as a communication channel. According to research, the majority of customers would rather businesses contact them via SMS than through other forms of messaging and communication like emails or phone calls. Many consumers ignore marketing emails as they receive too many of them. They are more likely to read and reply to marketing SMS messages, which are short and sweet and don’t require too much effort. Phone calls, on the other hand, are one of the least popular communication methods as consumers consider them disruptive and annoying.

In this day and age, despite the myriad of advanced communication tools that are widely used by individuals and business owners alike, SMS is still relevant as ever. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that it can be used as an effective marketing tool, and that it is convenient for providing quick user authentication. Other reasons include the wide versatility and high visibility of SMS due to the fact that virtually everyone has a mobile phone. Interestingly, studies have even shown that customers prefer SMS to other forms of business communication because they consider them less invasive and easier to read and access. It appears that SMS messaging will truly stand the test of time and continue to be able to compete with other forms of communication.

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