If you’re looking to become a professional eSports gamer this year, the first question will be whether you’re even good at gaming. Although many people spend several hours playing their favorite games, only a few put in that extra shift to take their gaming to the professional level.

With the ever-increasing eSports competitions delivering some outstanding awards and winnings, some gamers will be keen on taking their video gaming abilities to the next level. Whether you’re looking to get into a team or solo gaming, here’s the blueprint for turning into an eSports pro.

Find your inspiration.


Like every life activity, finding your motivation is the first thing to do. This implies playing your eSports game for all the right reasons. It could be the love to compete, the satisfaction of growing as a player and contributing to a team or community. It’s all about playing for valid reasons. Ultimately, it’s the positive motivations that keep gamers going. If fame, money, and the urge for quick success underpin your motivation, you will likely experience burnout before turning pro. However, platforms like Hotspawn can offer you the best support on your pro gaming journey if you’re a beginner.

Hotspawn is an eSports platform offering the latest news, in-depth analysis, and how-to guides to help gaming enthusiasts find everything they need for the particular games. If you’re a new player and interested in the League of Legends game, the community can assist you with the gameplay and other support to help you compete with even the best League of Legends champions. The platform has it all, from the data and tools required by the gamer and fan alike to be at their very best.

Streaming is key.

You may be the best gamer out there, but if you’re unwilling to put yourself out there and be noticed, you’ll remain in the shadows. Therefore, it’s essential to register on streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming or Twitch. You can likewise utilize social media to boost your viewing numbers and reach out to a broader audience. But with the present competitiveness on streaming platforms, you may need a few tricks and tips to reach your targeted audience. For instance, your YouTube channel art, video thumbnail, YouTube banner design, and logo play a crucial role in getting proper engagements. While you can hire a graphic designer to help with your YouTube channel art design, online platforms like Lucid Press can offer you all manner of quality graphic arts.

Lucid Press is a YouTube banner and channel art maker with an intuitive editor to make it easier to impress your audience. Their brand template platform has a vast collection of professional-looking YouTube templates, icons, and personalized social media images. In addition, Lucid Press’ channel art creator features a drag and drop editor and multi-channel distribution feature to share your art across various platforms seamlessly.

Practice until you attain perfection.

There’s no doubt that elite sports players boast a disturbing work ethic. From trying to be the best marksman out there to cause massive damage, developing master long-range kills, and enhancing attack speed, pro eSports players will stop at nothing but invest hours, days, and even weeks to be top of their playstyle. Putting in those extra shifts is what gets most players noticed by talent scouts. Yet, it would be best if you give resting equal importance to prevent burnout.

While there’s aggressive competition for eSports games like League of legends, it’s always best to consider eSports, which could be the next big thing a year from now. For instance, only a handful of people ever thought Fortnite Battle Royale could be a world contender a few months ago. So make sure to enter the skirmish following the release of a new potentially competitive game.

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