IP address is a private address which is hugely used as a default address by different router companies. While configuring LAN-network or checking connections of the inside gadgets, this IP address is used. With the help of this IP address, you can reach the router administration console. But what people do mistake is they enter 192.168.o.1 instead of So always remember there is no alphabet in this IP address.

Netgear and D-Link are the major companies who use this IP address This address comes as a default address when you purchase a router and simply you can modify at any time. If you type this in your preferred browser you will be transferred to the administration console of your router and you can modify your default settings.

Situated at the gateway, where two networks connect together, these broadband routers are familiar to be mandatory characteristic of a home network. On the condition of having such a device, it’s important to have this element. Routers deliver the data transmission between two networks which is its key point and setting up a connection for them to the Internet. You can find some devices who utilize this IP as a default.

Without any doubt, private IP address can be used on pc in the local network. IP address cannot be linked with two devices at the same time in one network. If somebody tries then there take place of conflict. So, it should be allocated to only one user at one network.

But this IP address can be used by different users if they are not from the same network. There is no need to worry about conflict. You can call it advantage also. This IP address is very important to get access to the administration console and operate the function of the router.

Linksys is one of the top companies who manufactures routers and uses as their default IP address. There are more companies who use this address but Linksys made this IP more popular. The router uses this IP address to recognize on the network, also to make a connection with other devices. This address is utilized by other devices to set up a connection with the router.

Linksys Router Configuration

Configuration process of Linksys router should be done properly to avoid conflict. Go to your web browser and in the address bar type After that, on your screen, you will see the login area where you need to put username and password. It should be an administrator’s username and password.

But if you see other things instead of login option then your router has failed to connect with IP address or your pc could not identify the router. On this situation find out if the router has set up a connection to your pc. If you see Wi-Fi access is there on your pc then inspect the connection of the wireless network whether it is correct or not.

Important Points
·Find out router normal issue and fix it.
·Make sure your router power is turned on.
·Find out the pc has set up a connection with the router.
·Find out the internet light is flashing on your router.
·Confirm the router has established a connection to your cable or DSL modem.
·Find out whether you can see the router administration console by entering in the web browser.


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