What is a movie? A movie is a visual work of art that is used to express or portray experiences (real or imagined) for a period of time in the form of a story. It is created using motion pictures and several other high-end gadgets and software. 

To be honest, you did not need that definition because it is a known fact that everyone loves movies. Okay, if not everyone, most people enjoy movies. The amount of money or viewership generated by the average movie runs into hundreds of millions of pounds and several millions of viewers. The average person watches three movies a week and over one hundred and fifty movies a year. It just seems like no one can get enough of movies, there is such an unprecedented rave about them right now. 

Why Do People Love Movies So Much?

The reason why people love movies so much is not far-fetched though. We live in an age and time which can be at best described as challenging and downright demoralizing. Across every generation and age group, many people are searching for ways to escape the harsh conditions of reality, even if it is just for a while. Unfortunately, many substances or activities which can provide a temporary alternative to reality are usually illegal, expensive, or highly injurious to the mind and body. Movies, on the other hand, are currently the most popular, legal, cheap, and nontoxic means of escape available to the general populace right now. It is one of the few things you can enjoy for a while (even with family and loved ones) without causing any damage to you. This makes watching movies a go-to activity. 

There are several ways to watch movies. One is at the cinemas, another way (which is growing more and more popular is movie streaming platforms. 


What Are Movie Streaming Platforms?

Movie streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the effect of growing technological advances. These platforms allow you to stream (watch) a movie online on a device such as your phone or laptop. This is so convenient because as long as you have signed into the movie streaming platform, subscribed to it, and have strong internet service, you can watch your movie conveniently, wherever you are. 

Thanks to the growing popularity of movies and movie streaming platforms there are several movie streaming platforms available at our disposal right now and the number keeps on increasing. This has prompted many people to want to know how to watch CBC in the UK, and rightfully so. Why CBC? Because CBC is one of the streaming platforms that really stands out from the others.

What Is CBC?

CBC (which stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a Canadian-owned television and radio company that broadcasts a whole lot of events and programs such as news programs, music, education programs, and most importantly, movies. 

CBC really stands out from other movie streaming platforms not just because of its quality or the fact that it can be several things other than just a movie streaming platform, it stands out because of the range of movies it can host or that can be streamed from it. CBC is regularly updated with movies and their collection of current and vintage movies can be rivaled by very few movie streaming platforms. Hence many people would love to use it. Unfortunately, many people can’t, because of geo-restrictions.


What Are Geo-restrictions And How Can I Overcome Them?

Geo-restrictions occur when a certain service is available in a certain place but is not available (restricted) in another place. This means that if you are in the United Kingdom and you want to watch CBC, you will not be able to because it is restricted to Canada. This can be really annoying because many people in the UK and other places want to watch CBC but are unable to. Hence people keep asking “How can I watch CBC in the UK?”. This prompted me to do my own research and I now know you can overcome geo-restrictions and watch CBC in the UK. 

The simplest way to overcome geo-restrictions and watch CBC is through the use of a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a protected network connection that helps to mask your internet network and also the location you are browsing from. One of the major benefits of VPN is that it allows you to pick the location you want your network to be under during its use. 

So if you want to have access to CBC, all you need to do is turn on your VPN and change your internet location to somewhere in Canada, open a CBC account, and start enjoying their services. 

Piece of cake right?

Movies are the rave of the moment, likewise movie streaming platforms, and for good reason. If you are struggling to have access to your favorite movie streaming platforms due to geo-restrictions, do not fret. Get yourself a VPN and start enjoying your movies. 


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