Humble Bundle Presents, A New Judge Dredd Comics Bundle: ‘Perps, Punks, and Partners’ by 2000AD

If you are a fan of Judge Dredd (as many people are), our good friends at Humble Bumble and 2000AD have partnered for something special for you. A brand new comics bundle starring the most badass Judge of all, Judge Dredd. Entitled Judge Dredd – Perps, Punks and Partners, it contains over $700.00 worth of Dredd Comics including, Young Death, Judge Dredd: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection, Judge Death: My Name is Death, Dredd: Final Judgement and many more. In addition, each purchase of this bundle helps to support Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading independent cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information. You’ll also support Save The Children UK, which exists to help every child reach their full potential, working in 100+ countries to ensure children stay safe, healthy and keep learning. So not only will you get some great Judge Dredd action, but you will be helping a good cause. You can check out the Humble Bundle web site here.

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