Disclaimer: This episode contains a scene of animal abuse and sexual assault.

The majority of this episode focused on the story of Dominick’s grandfather from the translated transcript that he finally decided to read. At first, I was excited. As someone whose family did come to America from Italy in the 1920s, I felt like I was going to get a window into my own family’s history. Especially since Dominick’s grandfather was Sicilian, like my family was. Unfortunately, Dominick’s grandfather was a horrible man. It was as Nedra told Dominick – I would never let this man near my children.

Dominick’s grandfather, Domenico; was awful to his brother, animals, his wife, and even Ralph Drinkwater’s grandfather. Due to how awful he is, Dominick begins wondering if he should continue reading. He also contemplates if the actions of his grandfather are the reasoning for why his own life and family has been so tragic.

Episode five certainly made me question Lisa Sheffer (played by Rosie O’Donnell) a bit. While I believe she genuinely wants to help Thomas, something occurs in this episode that makes me question whether or not she knew what was really going on. In addition, we see how Dominick’s best ally may very well be Ralph. Even though he was not so kind to him and his sister as a child.

Eneba Many GEOs

Rating: 4.5/5

There are only six episodes in this miniseries. This episode ended with a bit of an ominous point. Perhaps Dominick doesn’t see it that way. I certainly think something bad is going to happen as a result. Dominick has good intentions, but his own stubbornness and frankly, as Lisa says; arrogance will most likely be the doom of him. In many ways, Dominick would rather wallow in self-pity than accept help from anyone else. Or even let anyone else in.

I’m interested in seeing how ‘I Know This Much is True’ ends and what that means for the Birdsey twins.

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