I used to be good at the details: ‘Age of Ultron’

One of the first things to change when you get older, besides your hair, your waistline, and your sudden desire to go to bed early, is your attention to detail. It used to be one of the things I prided myself on. That an my razor sharp wit, but that is obvious. This was brought once again to my attention when watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. I admit it has been a bit since I last saw it and a lot of Avengers have gone under the bridge since then but there were details that I apparently missed.

When Ultron went to obtain Vibranium, he went to Ulysses Klaue to get it. The problem was I completely forgot he was in this movie. I only remembered him from Black Panther and never even thought about the fact he was missing an arm in that movie. I had forgotten that Ultron accidentally borrowed his arm when he made the mistake of comparing Ultron to Stark. How did I miss that? That was a pretty big detail.

A small detail I missed was when Thor was in the pool looking for some answers in the visions Wanda made him see, he saw the Infinity stones and a cloud around them that looked like the gauntlet. That’s another thing that somehow escaped me. I have to admit, this is a hard thing for an anal person like me to take. I guess it’s  just another thing to talk to my therapist about. Add it to the list, Doc.

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