In Defense Of: Westworld Season Two

Right now, season three of HBO’s Westworld is currently airing. I will be honest – I have not checked it out yet. I’m one of those people that needs to binge shows. I’m really terrible at keeping up with a week to week schedule, so I prefer to wait until a series is completely out before I watch. This article will be about Westworld season two. A season I thoroughly enjoyed, but apparently not everyone did.

Season Two Was Wild

Season one of Westworld hooked everyone in. Presented as one of the most well-done modern series, we all waited for season two. There was so much that happened in season one and so much revealed that we had to have known that season two would have been crazy. And it was. You had Dolores wreaking havoc on the Westworld park, Maeve looking to liberate the hosts, and more timelines than you could count. Even though season two was confusing at times, I already knew that it would be. Season one had prepared me for it. In the end, I felt satisfied seeing everything come together and was willing to wait to see why the timelines were jumbled throughout the season. I felt satisfied with the reveal.

Episode one immediately blew me away. From the reveal that Westworld was on an island, to Dolores’ trail of death, and everything in between, I was so excited for season two. In the season, we were shown multiple parks, the Man in Black’s story was developed more, and Maeve was honestly the standout. Sure, there were some filler episodes, but because Thandi Newton is literally a queen, she made each of those enjoyable. Every time I stepped into an episode, I felt completely submerged.

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Sure, There Were Problems, Just as Any Season

When I look at season two, I can admit that they probably shouldn’t have tried to be so confusing. Season one was mind-boggling enough, there really wasn’t a need to be too extreme in season two. Still, I didn’t mind. Dolores’ story was thought-provoking: did she have the right to cause the absolute death and chaos that she was due to years of abuse or was she being too extreme? What part did Bernard play in this story? What makes someone human?

I actually liked where they took Teddy’s story and the little surprise at the ending re: Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley Stubbs was unexpected, but cool. Even though Ben Barnes’ Logan Delos was a bit of an asshole in season one, his story becomes very tragic in season two. His final episode is still something that makes me cry. And, as a shameless Gustaf Skarsgard fan, I loved seeing him as Karl Strand and I’m sitting here hoping he’ll pop back up, even though I’m most likely dreaming.

Rating: 3.7/5

All in all, Westworld season two had the burden of stuffing a lot of story in ten episodes. Perhaps if there had been more episodes or they had tried to stretch some of that story into season three, it wouldn’t have felt so cluttered. Either way, I enjoyed the new faces and the new direction it decided to go. Therefore, I give Westworld season two thumbs up. What did you think of Westworld season two?

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