In Preparation for Sony’s ‘Morbius,’ Jared Leto Starts Doing His Research At The Comic Store

If you’re going to playing a comic book character, especially one that is not exactly in the mainstream like Superman, Spider-Man, or Batman, you probably want to do some research. Since we are talking about a “comic book” character, it would certainly make sense to start with a comic book. This apparently isn’t lost on Jared Leto as he begins to prepare for his role as Morbius the Living Vampire. He recently posted a picture on Snapchat of a Morbius comic he was looking at. In a move that has to be respected by those who collect them, he asked if he should crack open the bag for the issue he was looking at or find one that was already open to read.

For fans of Michael Morbius, it should be appreciated that he is taking the time to learn about the character while respecting the medium that he appears in. Are you excited to see what Sony does with The Living Vampire? Do you care whether they make this a PG-13 rated film or an R rated one? Share your thoughts on the story of Michael Morbius with us at GVNation.