Are you a fan of the slightly offbeat? Perhaps a book that brings a mix of office intrigue along with their business plan to rule the criminal world? That’s kind of what you get in Rafael Garcia’s: Henchmen. Written by Peter Murieta and David Shrader with art by Ben Herrera.


Coming to Kickstarter in September from Starburns Industries Press, comes a different kind of story:

What if life in a super-villain organization was less like a James Bond movie and more like working at Walmart Corporate?

Rafael Garcia hopes getting promoted at his job will be the thing to show his ex-girlfriend he’s finally ready to take life seriously. So when presented with the opportunity to move up, and maybe win her back, he jumps at the chance. Rafael’s life as an easy going low-level henchman at the super villain corporation, “Maverick, Inc” is quickly turned on its head.

Office politics, team building workshops, drug testing, making troll comments online to help increase his villainous boss’ social media standing — all the soul sucking problems of working in middle management. Can Rafael cut through the BS, prove himself, and succeed? Can he handle the dark secret at the heart of Maverick, Inc.?


This book will speak to fans of The OfficeParks & RecYoung Justice, and anyone that wonders if Facebook and Tesla may not have our best interests at heart. And, of course, anyone who’s had to sit through management training or a Tony Robbins corporate workshop.

Does this sound like a story you can get behind? If so check out their kickstarter when it comes available here. Let us know if you think it might be your guideline to success ( as a henchman anyways) here at Geek Vibes Nation.

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