Casey W. Johnson has been playing Danny Stevens in season two of Apple TV+’s space drama For All Mankind. Playing the son of two astronauts, we’re seeing Danny and Ed Baldwin’s wife Karen getting…close. In a Geek Vibes Nation exclusive, Johnson was kind enough to answer some of my questions about being a part of this epic space race series.

Photo Credit: Apple TV


Had you watched For All Mankind before being cast as Danny Stevens

I was cast for season two of For All Mankind just before season one was released. So I didn’t get the chance to watch it before being cast. I did however watch season one as it came out and thoroughly enjoyed it

We see in the past few episodes that Danny seemingly is growing closer to Karen Baldwin. What was it like working with Shantel?

Working with Shantel was fantastic. Everyone on the show welcomed me with open arms. Sometimes it can be hard to come onto a show where people have already grown so close together through earlier seasons. This was not the case for me on this set.

Photo Credit: Apple TV

If you could describe season two of For All Mankind in one word, what would that word be?


Besides For All Mankind, do you have any other projects you’d like to promote?

No, just that we started production of season three of For All Mankind. We hope to get it out to everyone soon and create a show that everyone enjoys and loves.

Season three is already in production, you say? I like the sound of that! What have you been thinking of For All Mankind season two? What do you think of those scenes between Danny and Karen? Let us know!

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