Last week’s episode was an exhilarating one with a twist that I did not see coming. Invincible learned the lesson that most teenagers learn the hard way, that you’re not as invincible as you think. The only difference is that his lesson was delivered by a hulking feline that literally pummeled him into the ground with incredible ease. And here I thought my high school knee injury was bad. Not only that but, imagine if Mark knew that his dad watched him get stomped out. Cold-blooded. Nevertheless, the real twist was that Titan planned it all to go as it did. Well, maybe not exactly as it did but some version of what happened. If Mark didn’t have trust issues before, he’ll definitely have them once he finds out that Titan didn’t just want to stop Machine Head but wanted to take over the criminal empire. Hopefully, Titan follows through with his mission to make the city better. In the meantime, the bludgeoned superheroes have some intense recovering to do.

Photo Credit: Prime Video
Photo Credit: Prime Video

Episode 6: You Look Kinda Dead

“…holy shit, you’re Invincible! And you never told me?”

In the aftermath of a monumental ass-whooping, the trio of Invincible, Black Samson, and Monster Girl is in terrible condition. Fortunately for Mark, he’s extremely hard to kill but how many beatings can he take? A lot, apparently. In this episode, Mark is again doing damage control on his personal life. Not only must he fix things with Amber but his best friend, William as well. Not yet completely healed, Mark invites Amber to join William and himself on a weekend road trip. Mark eventually finds himself exposed in more ways than one, and he’s not the only one. Furthermore, unexpectedly facing off against the creations of an obsessive evil genius, Invincible could use any help he can get as he’s met his match again. More training is definitely needed. Even with the day is saved and the threat neutralized, how much did Invincible really do? And will his friendship with William be the same? Meanwhile, Eve goes full Fortnite as she questions her future as a superhero.

This episode does a great job of delving into Eve’s altruistic nature as well as the disaster movie that is Mark’s life. We then catch up with Robot and his covert dealings with the Mauler Twins and get a glimpse as to why he needs them. We can only assume it has something to do with Monster Girl as he has shown her an abundance of attention since their first conversation. Little does Robot know, the Mauler Twins have plans of their own if they don’t get what they want. I feel as if this episode really displayed the true personalities of many of the characters in some subtle and not so subtle ways. While this episode may not have been the most action-filled, there is still a ton to unpack along with some of the same questions as before. Debbie is still on the hunt for answers and contacts a close friend for his expertise. I still don’t fully trust Cecil, he gives me Hydra vibes. I have a feeling that something big is going to happen next week as we’ve seen scenes of things being awakened or dug up but have yet to see them dealt with. And there are one too many secrets floating around that are bound to find the ears of those they are hidden from.

Photo Credit: Prime Video
Photo Credit: Prime Video

With Mark on the verge of losing Amber for good this time, he has a huge decision to make. To tell or not to tell, that is the question. Also, as Debbie continues to press the issue with Nolan and the murders, what does the future look like for the Grayson household? Not to mention, someone may have regained their past blessings and I’m curious as to what we’ll see from them next week.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Would you tell your friends or significant other if you were secretly a superhero? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter. Also, don’t forget to scoop a tee or five from our merch store. Stay safe and enjoy.

Runtime: 44m

Rating: 4 out of 5

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