When Jamie Lee Curtis was approached to reprise her role of horror movie heroine Laurie Strode, she agreed mainly because she thought it would be an easy couple of days at the office. Curtis pretty much thought that the movie would center on her character’s daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Little did she realize that it would require a lot more from her, emotionally and physically. She discussed the toll it would take playing the role with Entertainment Weekly.

I really focused on [the characters played by] Andi and Judy,” says Curtis. “When I first got sent the script, I literally said, ‘Look, you guys, I’m in it so little, you can shoot me out in, like, five days.

Curtis quickly realized her preconceptions were were slightly off the mark. Especially after she landed in Charleston, S.C. where the film was shot. Upon beginning to rehearse with director David Gordon Green, she came to realize that re-exploring the mental damage the masked killer Michael Myers had inflicted on her character 40 years previously would also take a toll on her as well.

I started crying the day I arrived,” she says. “I didn’t stop crying until the day I left. I didn’t expect it. I knew [Laurie] would be fierce, I knew she’d be galvanized, I knew I’d be tired, I knew I would work hard. I did not know that it would move me so deeply, the whole experience of the movie. It took me a good month [to recover].

It also became self-evident that working on the film would also prove to take a physical cost for the actress, who suffered some injuries herself while filming Laurie ‘s climactic face-off with Myers.

I cracked my rib [shooting] those last sequences,” says Curtis. “By the end of that sequence, not just the stuntman was taking Advil. We all were taking lots of Advil. I mean, obviously, there were stunt people involved but all of the fighting is all me. Or a great, great great majority of it is.

With all the positive buzz about the movie and hearing how much went in to making this next chapter of the Halloween saga, does it make you want to see it all the more? Share your Halloween expectations with us at GVNation. Perhaps you’ll get more than you expected, just like Jamie Lee Curtis.

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