Joe Exotic is loving the newfound fame that he’s gotten due to Netflix’s Tiger King docu-series. Even if he’s not a free man. Are we surprised? Exotic loves attention and he’s certainly getting it now. TMZ reports that a source says that Exotic is reveling in all of the popularity he’s getting due to the series on the streaming service.

Sources say that he’s been receiving a lot of mail in prison and has responded to at least 200 emails that he’s received.

Exotic may have to hit the pause button on that fame due to being transferred from a county jail to the FMC Fort Worth prison in Texas. It’s been told that he requested the transfer because the prison is “nicer” than the county jail. Due to the transfer, he’s now been quarantined due to an intake safety precaution because of the COVID-19 outbreak. He’ll be quarantined for fourteen days, which means he won’t be able to respond to his fan mail. Should we feel bad for him?

You may not after hearing that a source has been reported that Exotic is apparently saddened by not being able to say the “N-Word” during his old online reality series. In fact, he’s been ranting about it – but, who knows, Exotic loves attention – bad or good.

What did you make of Tiger King and Joe Exotic?

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