If you’ve watched Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness then you’ve been witness some of the craziest stuff you can ever see. On top of Joe Exotic and the wild world of big cat conservationists is a murder mystery. One of the main players in this docu-series is Carole Baskin. Owner of Big Cat Rescue, she is Joe Exotic’s nemesis. Brewing in the middle of the feud between the two comes accusations [from Joe] that Carole killed her first husband Don Lewis. Lewis disappeared and there’s been a lot of questions raised as to whether or not Carole had a hand in it.

Due to Tiger King’s success, one sheriff is looking to re-open Don Lewis’ case. Sheriff Chad Chronister of Hillsborough County, Florida has decided to look into the case again. Carole has maintained her innocence. While others are suspicious of Carole and bring up some good points in the docu-series, it’s said that Don Lewis was a pilot who’d frequently take illegal flights to South America to trade exotic animals. Did Carole kill her husband and feed him to the tigers like Joe Exotic claims or did Don Lewis simply fall out of the sky during his last trip?

What do you think about Carole’s possible involvement in the death/disappearance of her husband?



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