Joe Manganiello: ‘Kraven would be my dream Job’

It has become readily apparent that most fans have made clear who they would like to see next from Spider-Man’s pantheon of foes, Kraven! They are not alone in their desires. Both Sony and Marvel have expressed an interest in the character. Sony for a stand alone film and Marvel as the next great adversary for Spider-Man. As for the tale to be told? It is still the iconic Kraven’s Last Hunt.

Regardless of the years that have passed, that story by J.M. Matteis and illustrated by Mike Zeck has captured the imagination of comic fans since its release in 1987. You can count actor Joe Manganiello as a fan of the story and as someone who would LOVE to bring the character of Kraven to life. In a recent appearance on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast, he extolled the virtues of the story. He also talked about whether he thought a crossover between Kraven and Spider-Man was necessary and if he would like that opportunity to fill the Hunter’s boots:

Well you have to have him crossover at some point because ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ is too good a piece of material to [pass up].” Then, on whether he’d like to play Kraven in a live-action movie, Manganiello said, “You kidding me? That would be a dream role.”

With so many fans clamoring for an adaptation of Kraven’s Last Hunt, is there any doubt that it will at some point happen? The question will be whether it will be Sony or Marvel who accepts the challenge. We know one thing, There is no shortage of actors who want that job if and when it comes available. We can add Joe Manganiello to that list.

Are you among the many who would love to see an adaptation of Kraven’s Last Hunt? How do you feel Joe Manganiello would do as the Hunter? Share your Hunter’s instincts with us at GeekVibesNation.

Source: ScreenRant