Jon Favreau has knocked it out the park with his Mandalorian series via the Disney + launch! The buzz on the Internet has people hooked and this actor and helmer has shown consistent promise in his craft and passion. You could say Jon has proved himself to take it to the next level when mapping out the Star Wars universe. That said, The Hollywood Reporter gave insight into the future of Star Wars and questioned who may be on deck to be added to a crew of creatives. THR mentioned Kathleen Kennedy is “an experienced and competent producer”, but “she is not a creative visionary”.

Last year in June YouTuber and cinema commentator Grace Randolph said she had a source that mentioned to her, “that Disney was unhappy with Kathleen Kennedy’s stewardship of the Star Wars brand that they paid a lot of money for”. J.J. Abrams was even offered a position to head off the brand, but turned it down. Grace now seems sure that Jon will take the reins should the Lucasfilm torch be passed.

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Now, SyFy Wire gleaned from The Hollywood Reporter that Favreau may be on deck as a key player in this world. It would also seem that actor Werner Herzog, who played The Client in The Mandalorian, gave credence to Favreau when “creating an entire universe”, according to THR.

“What you are creating is an entire universe. This universe is filled with new mythology. Not very often in the cultural history have we had new mythologies. And I find it very significant”.

I am guessing that this is a hint given to the fate of Favreau. This could be the direction for Jon in Lucasfilm’s continued world building process. Other prospects on deck in moving this world forward could be Kevin Feige and Dave Filoni. Feige is an obvious contender considering his success with the comic book culmination that is the MCU. Dave Filoni has shown an obvious success in the Lucasfilm brand, too. So it’s not surprising that this trio may be called to be the “council persons” for future Star Wars projects.

I personally have been a Jon Favreau fan in all the projects he’s done. With such a diverse profile and acting chops, it’s no wonder how happy I am about “Happy” possibly jumping on board!

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