King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a forthcoming tactical RPG that is set to be released on the 15th of February 2022. Available on PC via Steam, the title aims to be about fresh air in the genre, combining the elements of traditional role-playing experience with those found in tactical games.

Play as King Arthur’s arch-nemesis

On the 15th of February, the doors will open, allowing you to experience an epic dark fantasy-themed spectacle that is set to redefine the RPG genre as we know it. The game will place you in the shoes of Sir Mordred, the black knight, and King Arthur’s arch-nemesis. As the story goes, the two-faced each other in battle, and none of them came out of it alive. But not all is lost! The Lady of the Lake chose to resurrect their grand souls. As they are brought back to life, the nightmare can finally end.

King Arthur in popular culture

Without a doubt, King Arthur has left a mark in the hearts of many. His legacy can be found in numerous comics, video games, movies, and works of popular culture. He is a well-known hero who frequently appears in comic books, with Pendragon: The Quest for King Arthur being one of the most popular titles. Several actors have given their best effort to portray him in movies, with the most recent release is going by the name of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

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Gameplay in a nutshell

As Sir Mordred, your task is to assemble a team of knights and send them to battle. The player controls the fights from a tactical perspective; to overcome them, you will need to carefully study the six different in-game classes to narrow down their strengths and weaknesses.

These classes are:

  • – Arcanist
  • – Champion
  • – Sage
  • – Defender
  • – Marksman
  • – Vanguard

Aside from tactical decisions, you will also have to make moral choices on several occasions as the story progresses. Making your way through magical forests and medieval castles, be prepared to encounter monsters and other vile creatures that are sure to cross your path.

Level up your heroes

During your adventures, your team will gather valuable experience points to level them up and make them more potent over time. To help them reach their fullest potential, you will need to gear them up with items and power-ups awarded when you complete the missions. But you should not approach them light-heartedly! Know that there are consequences for failing, as your heroes can get injured, cursed, fall ill, or even die. During your quest to rebuild Camelot, make sure it has enough facilities for recovery and do your homework before venturing into battle.

Your team actively participates in the story

In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, your team members are your most treasured resources. But they are more than mere chessboard pieces. When traversing the in-game realm, their unique personalities will shine through as they comment on the choices you make. You will quickly discover that some are more compatible than others, thus prompting you to exercise your finest judgment when deploying them. In the role-playing genre, your alignment reveals the nature of your heart, and in the realm of Camelot, it can fall anywhere between Christianity and Old Faith, as well as Tyranny and Righteousness. Choose wisely, and you will lead your people to prosperity. Make poor decisions, and your team members will eventually turn their backs on you!

Every decision you make is final!

In a true roguelike fashion, every decision will shape the turn of events, no matter how seemingly insignificant and small. This includes the orders you give in combat. No reloads and no second chances! Brutal, yes, but it’s what keeps every play-through fresh and unique. This gives players the necessary motivation to unravel all the hidden branching paths in every new game they start.


Brace yourselves for a mishmash of tactical, mythical, and fantasy-driven RPG gameplay that awaits the dedicated and brave! Coming to PC via Steam this February, the joypad-wielding part of the gaming crowd will have to wait until the PlayStation and Xbox releases of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is officially announced.

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