Looking Back At The Oscars 2000 Best Picture Nominees

Although we enjoy the Academy Awards every year, we always walk away with a sour taste in our mouths. Today is the day in which I am going to start my series on the Oscar winners. I will share my thoughts on who won, who should’ve won and who should’ve been nominated.

The first race I am going to tackle is the 2000 Best Picture race.

Here were the 5 films nominated for Best Picture.

  • Gladiator
  • Chocolat
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Traffic
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Who Won?

Ridley Scott directed the film which showcased a former Roman General (Russell Crowe) who set out to exact vengeance against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sent him into slavery.

The film won 5 Oscars including Russell Crowe landing his first Oscar portraying Maximus.

Who Should Have Won?: Gladiator

The film had some beautiful cinematography, phenomenal performance from Crowe and a fantastic direction from Ridley Scott. Crowe who ended up winning Best Actor (not my pick) gave a visceral and demanding portrayal of Maximus which carried this film to the next level.

Who Should Have Been Nominated?: American Psycho

Can we talk about how American Psycho didn’t receive a single Oscar Nomination? What an absolute travesty. Patrick Bateman is one of the best-written characters in any film ever. Furthermore, Christian Bale’s performance as Patrick Bateman is down-right scary. This is hands down of the best films of 2000.

Who would you have picked as the winner? And what film was missing from being nominated?

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