What is Family Therapy? It’s a type of psychological counselling that can help you and your family to solve the internal conflicts and problems. This is also called psychotherapy. Family therapy can include all the members of the family or only those who are willing to participate.

Family therapy can also help you mend your relationships with your partner, children and even other family members. A family therapy can help you and your family members understand each other better and help you bring yourself closer to your loved ones.

There are various types of family therapies that you can choose from, and some of them are- structural therapy, strategic therapy, communication therapy and many more like these.

Even though there are these various kinds of therapies that can help you mend your relationships. Escape Rooms are one of the best options that you can choose, because it is Escape Rooms that helps you with all the above mentioned therapies in some or the other way. One of the main aims of Family Therapy activities is to build trust and Escape Room is such a place where ‘trust’ is the key element.

Escape rooms have a wide range of genres, and when you are going with your family, choose a type of theme where all of you can enjoy. Try to align the theme of the escape room according to the hobbies and interests of your family members, because there can be a positive effect only if you and your family members are engaged.

It may sound surprising but Escape Room games are the best for family therapy activities. There are reasons as to why these escape rooms are the best for family therapy activities. Escape rooms teaches you some small lessons which can bring you closer to your family, and they are-

1.    Encourage, plan and collaborate

 This is the first lesson that you learn through an Escape game. To win an escape room game you have to solve various puzzles that you come across in the game, and these puzzles can’t be usually solved by one single person. You and your family can work together and win the game.

Winning the game should be your aim, but to do this you should have proper planning and collaboration. All the members playing should agree with a strategy and play their parts properly, so that you can win. Planning and collaboration are great family therapies, because it can help you build trust.


2.    Helps you communicate smoothly

 There might be some members in your family who tend to keep their thoughts and ideas for themselves. But while playing escape games you have to encourage them to talk and mingle with everyone.

Since the aim of you and your family is to win the game, the main element you need is effective communication. Escape rooms are not just therapies to build trust, but they help you build your communication skills too.

As your family members start expressing their will to win the game, they eventually start talking to one another and build up their skills.

3.    Improve your problem solving skills.

 There may be people around you, whom you know can’t control their emotions. These people are so short tempered that they start shouting, and throwing things around because of their anger. Well, for such people Escape Rooms are the best options.

In an escape room you only get sixty minutes to win the game, and during this time getting angry is not the best option. When you are playing this game, the desire to win is the most dominating than anything else, so you try to win the game as fast as possible in a calm way.

By the end of the game, you would have overcome your short temperedness. This is a family therapy activity that will help you build trust even before you realize it.

4.    Encourages you to play in a group.


Escape Room is a type of place where you throw away all your everyday arguments and frustrations. It is a place where you and your family work together to escape the room. Since finishing the tasks is your main motive you try to solve the puzzles and escape the room without any arguments or fights, and in the process overcome your anger or frustration by the end of the game. While trying to finish the escape room you ‘escape’ the usual fights as well.

Escape room games are the type of games that pull you into an immersive, imaginative world. It is a type of game where you get on your feet and actively take part in the game, and become a part of that story which you have selected. It could be a mad scientist’s journal, or pretending to be scientists searching for hidden treasures, or trying to escape a haunted house. It is solely up to you as to what type of adventure you want to go through.

So what is the end result? These games bring everyone out of their individual shells and makes them more brave and active amidst others. In the process, you will create memories full of laughter and fun that will remain with you forever. This fun and laughter remains even after the game is won.

So these are some of the reasons as why escape rooms are one of the best options for family therapies. It will bond you together, and by the end of the game you would forget all the fights and differences, also this can become one of the best days of your life.

If you are looking for escape rooms that will help your family in building trust, then you can check it out on Escape Rooms at 60OUT. Each and every 60OUT Escape room has immersive themes which can transform the entire puzzle solving into an adventure. This game has a wide range of genres and stories.

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