[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”21444″ img_size=”800×450″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]While the recent announcement of Hulu developing Ghost Rider and Hellstrom series have led to speculation from fans (and myself) that perhaps the streaming service will pick up the Marvel Netflix shows once the embargo is lifted, we may have to accept that those versions of the street level heroes may not be seen in that fashion again. I know, I don’t want/like it either.

Mike Colter, who played Luke Cage in two seasons of Luke Cage, one season of Jessica Jones, and The Defenders, was at a Fan Expo in Dallas this weekend and revealed what superhero he would like to play, if Luke Cage is truly gone:

“I always joke, if there is a job where you get to be, like, Bruce Banner, and you get really mad and you get to be the Hulk, but then you really shouldn’t get that mad and hulk out. It’s like you’re the Hulk, but you’re not really the Hulk, so I get that. Then all of a sudden it’s like “Cut!” Then, to do the green-screen thing, the CGI thing, so it’s like you’re just playing the Hulk in between the moments where you’re not the Hulk. Then the rest of the Hulk thing, you are the Hulk.”

He continued:

“It was really awesome seeing in the old days with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bigsby. Bill Bigsby did the Bruce Banner part and they’d throw him across the bar, cut to getting really pissed off, and then the big green guy pops up. I love that. So, maybe the Hulk.”

You can find Luke Cage on Netflix right now; would you like to see Luke Cage continued on another platform and would you like to see Colter as the Hulk?

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