Gaming has come a long way since the 80s and 90s. The heyday of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boys saw lots of us forgoing the outside in favor of seeing what adventures Mario was going to get up to. Or, we could just take out the handhelds and play in the yard. Over the years, consoles and PCs have taken massive strides in technological advancement, giving us realistically immersive games to enjoy.

Right now, though, there’s a big trend in building and designing your own games. Perhaps Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon could credit it because many games now feature a huge design mode. From creating towns in Fallout 4 to levels in Minecraft (are you looking forward to the upcoming Minecraft movie?), the new era of gaming sees us making our own games within a game. But wouldn’t it be better to create your own game that’s yours, that you can create from scratch and that you can earn from?


Step inside The Sandbox

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, or even know about it, then you should be familiar with the look and feel of what The Sandbox has to offer. The blocky graphics, tools, and abilities to create your own structures and lots of opportunities to explore the land. However, on The Sandbox, you’ll be entering a virtual world in which you can create, own and monetize your experience.

How? Because the game is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses its own currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can’t be converted or used elsewhere. Instead, you enter the game, you build what you want, and like the real world, you can create and sell and earn blockchain currency, which will be yours.

This is a particular aspect of virtual gaming that should be music to your ears as lots of games are built on centralized platforms, meaning what you create or sell is owned by the original gaming developer. Not on The Sandbox. If you create a level or a unique gaming experience, you can charge other players to try it themselves. Likewise, you can create things for your avatar to sell in the marketplace for in-game currency. This is a massive improvement on other games – remember when you’d pay to buy a weapon or item, only for it to prove useless? You can’t sell it for money back, and you’re out of pocket. But on The Sandbox, you can play, create, and earn.

How? The creators have made it super easy. There’s no point trying out gaming on the blockchain just for it to be difficult. That’s why The Sandbox game creator was made to give you easy guidance on creating almost anything and everything. You don’t have to be a coder to create a game when you can use this tool. Everything is clearly laid out, from how to design your own avatar to how to create levels and games in 3D. Through a series of drop and drag selections, you can quickly make your own environment and set challenges for other players to enjoy. There’s also a huge library of pre-existing content that you can borrow or modify to create your own part of The Sandbox. And then this is where it gets interesting.

When you’re making things or purchasing things in The Sandbox, you do it using the in-game currency, SAND. With this, you can buy more LAND…which is (clue in the name) land for you to build on. SAND is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain and is used on all transactions within The Sandbox metaverse. If you use the game creator to build your own levels and experiences on your LAND, this is where the opportunity to profit comes in. Other players will pay SAND to try out your experiences, which is a great way for you to earn passive income. While you’re off exploring other areas in The Sandbox, your virtual home will be making money from other players or friends who come to visit.

Perhaps you might take your virtual estate proceeds and invest them in real estate?

You can also create various items, known as ASSETS, and sell them within the marketplace. Alternatively, you can buy your own too. The Sandbox is a fun new virtual world with its own circular economy, and it really makes you feel part of it. With more SAND, you can take part in voting processes for key elements of the game. And you can expand your base (if you build it, they will come) to become a main player within the metaverse, earning money while you play. As a decentralized game, all the copyrights and profits go straight to you as well. So with no coding experience required, are you ready to create your own game in The Sandbox?

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