The World Series Game last night was the longest game in World Series history lasting until the 18th inning before the Dodger’s Max Muncy ended it with a home run. When a game goes that long, it gives fans plenty of time to comment via Twitter on the historic game. Apparently, with the game going basically forever, it brought out the Twitterverse’s ‘A’ game. Here are a few examples.

A Love Story:

Let’s do a time comparison:

Here’s a relevant video game reference:

And time passes and passes, and passes:

And passes some more:

Lack of sleep

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

A pop culture marriage reference:

And it went on and on and on, kind of like the game last night. Not to worry though sports fans…game four starts in a few hours…or is it game five, considering last nights game was two games long. Were you one of those brave souls who stayed up for the entire game? If so you deserve the iron man award. If not, hey…at least you’re well rested. Share your stories with us at GVNation.

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