Mark Hamill Posts a Heartfelt Salute to ‘Flash’s’ John Wesley Shipp

Back in 1990-91, CBS had a series based on the DC Comics hero The Flash. This show starred John Wesley Shipp as the titular character. It only went for one season but no one has forgotten the show or the actor who filled out the iconic suit, mostly on his  own without the need for pseudo muscles.

During the show, Mark Hamill played the role of the Trickster, one of the Flash’s villains. Of course, this was just the beginning of Hamill’s involvement in the comicbook genre as he is widely recognized as THE iconic voice for the Joker, supplying his talents to multiple Batman projects including both animated shows and movies as well as video games.

Flash forward to the present and Shipp has come full circle, once again donning his original Flash costume for the CW version of The Flash as Jay Garrick and generally still rocking it after all these years. With his return to the iconic costume of his CBS days, it appears that Mark Hamill hasn’t forgotten the old show or his time with Shipp. He recently posted about his admiration for the actor. Shipp responded back to Hamill in what could be called a mutual admiration society.

For all the time fans take to support their favorite shows and actors, it’s nice to see that those actors are in real life, just nice people. How do you feel about seeing John Wesley Shipp back in his iconic Flash suit? Share your thoughts about all things Flash with us at GVNation.