Hulu will debut its mockumentary ‘John Bronco’ on October 15th. It stars Walton Goggins as John Bronco as the “greatest sales pitch ever”. In a style similar to the Malboro Man, John Bronco was a simple cowboy used to catapult Ford’s Bronco vehicle. It’s all fictional, of course; but the mockumentary does a pretty good job in crafting an actual documentary.

Where In the World is John Bronco?

‘John Bronco’ also features appearances by Tim Meadows, Tim Baltz, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bo Derek. Walton Goggins is really featured more in “vintage footage” – with testimonials from others about how great of a salesman John Bronco was. You have real sales pitchmen raving about how great of a salesman John Bronco was. Even Abdul-Jabbar lessens his own commercial days by proclaiming how much John Bronco did for the world of sales. The “documentary” interviews people in Iceland, who have heard of the legend. And supposed collectors of all things John Bronco.

The mockumentary follows the same procedure of real documentaries. Explain the legend of someone who was larger than life. Talks to people who knew the person in real life. And those who are so-called experts. It then hits a tragedy that causes the person’s life to take a turn. While this movie did a good job in presenting itself as a real documentary, it is all fictional. And I do find myself wishing we had more Goggins in the mockumentary. ‘John Bronco’ also felt like a huge commercial, but it was all fun. It had all of the goodness of an inside look of a 70s/80s commercial star. And at times, you had yourself questioning; is John Bronco a real person? Not really – but the mockumentary was pretty convincing. It was only when seeing Walton Goggins that you’re reminded that this was all acting. Put this in front of someone who doesn’t know who Goggins is and they really will have themselves wondering why they’ve never heard of this “legend”.

Rating: 3.5/5

‘John Bronco’ is only about forty minutes. It’s not a life-changing mockumentary, but it’s still a lot of fun and definitely worth the watch if you’re wanting some Goggins content!

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