Modern Controllers for Xbox Consoles – Get Inspired By Fashionable Designs

Xbox consoles are rising to the top in today’s era of technology and gaming. Xbox is slowly becoming the most powerful console of the next generation due to the increased performance offered, which leads to better quality graphics, more details and brand new possibilities.

Nowadays, gamers are more familiar and technically minded. Instead of relying on impractical sponsored reviews to choose between the latest consoles, gamers use fresh, hard facts to figure out math-wise which console is better. With newer and newer versions of the console also changed the controllers, which mainly contributed to the desire to purchase it. In the end, it was up to them to evaluate and feel about the full product.

The console is the core, yet the controller is the main device closest to the gamer, as it spends hours each day in his or her hands.

Outcomes of first-generation controllers

Xbox controllers have changed drastically over the years of their existence. The first ones were not welcomed very charismatically by gamers, through their uncomfortable shape and size. The first, historical one was considered bulbous, oversized and nicknamed “fatty”. Microsoft reorganized its layout prepared for the next console generation, which luckily did not falter. The overall shape of the controller, fine-tuned with each new console release, makes a better impression with changes to the grip, a more distinctive finish, along with curved bumpers and triggers. The button layout has been changed to a more traditional design for better performance in fighting games and more efficient use of analog sticks.

Greatest Xbox controllers and their appearance

The Xbox controller is undoubtedly one of the best gamepads ever made, which makes it impossible to make big improvements for Microsoft by its uniqueness and traditions.

However, this leaves a huge amount of room and plenty of great ideas for third-party manufacturers.

Even though Microsoft offers the controllers in a variety of different colors, including some two-tone setups and designs, giving its potential user more options to choose from than the basic black or white pattern, there are plenty of other modifications or accents that you can customize your controller with.

If you are looking for a completely individually customized Xbox controller, the best option is to check out the configurator services provided by third-party companies that allow you to design your own custom Xbox controller so that it will suit your needs better by changing the color and finish of everything from the controller shell to the triggers and analog sticks.

How to customize your modern Xbox controller

Aimcontrollers is definitely becoming a leader in the custom controller industry, thanks to the trust of professional gamers and eSports influencers who expect the best performance from their ideal controllers.

Not only do they offer what is already out there existing, but they have also introduced a huge variety of new features that highly improve gameplay – smart triggers, smart bumpers, a vast selection of colorful and patterned panels and components, buttons, custom analog sticks, and much more.

Their website proposes several improvements to the original product.

If you would like something that is unique, but you are not the creative type yourself, you do not have to worry – AimControllers also has a bunch of pre-designed controllers for every audience that you can buy as-is, pre-configured to meet all of your needs, or use it as a starting base to apply your own individual changes.

You can check all of them here:

If you want to go a little bit crazier and let your imagination get the best of you, go ahead and try your hand in the specially designed Xbox configurator, which allows you to select and modify each component step by step.

When it comes to the exterior design of the controller, the company gives us a lot of leeway by providing a variety of colors, themes and layouts.

From matte, vibrant shades to glossy and bright motifs to custom designs, the choices seem to be endless.

Some of the most attention-grabbing modifications are front panels, unique designs, different button colors, smart triggers, smart bumpers, spider paddles, custom AimSticks and gamer tags on the front of the controller that allow you to create an exclusive, personalized controller, the one of a kind. No matter who you are and what you like.

Did you make your controller shine?

If you would like to give it a shot to see what your dream product’s final outcome is, do not hesitate to order your customized controller as it is an easy process too.

Thanks to a well-thought-out configurator, you are able to preview every customized option and change you have selected as it will be immediately mapped and shown in the virtual on-screen.

This feature helps you to visualize the controller, and you can easily make sure that you will get the perfect color combination and be confident with your choice without worrying about the final look of your modern Xbox controller.